Rite Aid Will Get Back Up On Both Feet


EliasSaleh is Bullish on RAD

Rated on: Jul 10, 2017
Outlook Timeframe: 3 months
Price at Rating: $2.32

Looking like its time to BUY. Seems like it has reached its steady LOW. Now hopefully we get some positive news frot Rite Aid (Rad). It has been quite negative for a while.
Possible ways to grow would be : 1) CEO steps down - He has been there too long and although he has much experience and has proven and grown rite aid to what it was. Lately, The decisions and moves he makes are not good for the shareholders at all. He must go! Every Leader has there time to shine and now the lights have dimmed . Plus he takes way too much money as income. Since as we see Rite Aid is starting fresh again, our new "Quarter Back" who leads the team should also be fresh and hungry.
2)Use the Walgreen's / Rite Aid Deal money wisely... Yes, They can Pay off most of there debt, which is great for a fresh beginning, but they must really sit down and concentrate. They can easily use the money to buy out company's within there inventory. They can use the money to expand greatly and renew Rite Aid as not only a great local Pharmacy/Store, but expand it to companies such as a 7-11, Quick Check, or Wawa. A Rite -Aid with the what they offer plus what Quick check and 7-11 or Wawa offer would be amazing especially if the being liquor and gas and 24hour service nationwide. Expand stores in the right area. Invest in other "out of the box" companies as google or amazon is doing. Even possibly buy out or merge with Fred's which had a lot to do with he initial merger deal that went south.
3) Stock holders: We all have lost faith, even I. We all possibly lost a lot of money, trusting and franchise company that disappointed us greatly. But, I your seeing what I'm seeing and your gut is telling you what its telling me. I see a new beginning, Rite Aid has fell, now its time to get up. There are still well over 2,000 stores at the end of this deal. and the stock is at its lowest low in several years (since 2013). I believe this company will be over $3 in the near future, over $5 a stock in the next 6 months and over $8 per stock within 18 months.

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