History repeats itself


PatAv8r is Bullish on SNAP

Rated on: Mar 21, 2017
Outlook Timeframe: 1 Year
Price at Rating: $20.38

A). SNAP is performing exactly like FB did, but in a much shorter time frame. FB dipped after the IPO and skyrocketed to $140 today. Same thing is happening to SNAP, lost 33% from it's all time highs and is now starting to rebound.

B). Look at your surroundings, more people are starting to use SNAP to post stuff online vs Instagram or FB.

C). The biggest hurdle in marketing has been marketing to millennials. SNAP has figured out a way to easily reach out to millennials, which means they are going to be able to sell their ads at a premium.

D). SNAP's revenues in 2017 will be double that of 2016 revenues.

Bottom line, this stock only has a 22B valuation, only two times more than Twitter, which is a crap social media network which no one uses. Compare their 22B market cap of 400B. EVEN IF SNAP never reaches FB's market cap and only takes 25% of market share away from FB, you're looking at a market cap of 100B which means the SNAP's stock should be trading at $100 per share.

I got into SNAP at 19.73 and am holding for a long time.

Good luck!

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