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Facebook Inc: Don’t Sweat Facebook C Shares (FB)

InvestorPlaceInvestorPlace Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips Ripping a page right out of the playbooks of Alphabet Inc ( GOOGL , GOOG ), Under Armour Inc ( UA ) and a handful of...Read More >>


The Reasons Behind Bitcoin's Continued Rise

A couple of weeks ago, I made the point that a common sense reading of the chart for Bitcoin against the U.S. Dollar (BTC/USD) pointed to a controlled, sustainable bull run. That bullish look...Read More >>


Does Factor Or Value Matter More In Low Volatility ETFs?

Low volatility ETFs have become an increasingly popular tool for investors to access a subset of stocks with historical trends of minimal price fluctuations versus their peers.  While these...Read More >>


Why Personal Finance Classes Should Be Taught in College

Personal finance is not typically part of a college curriculum. And while some of us have parents or family members who can guide us along the way, those individuals may not be financial experts,...Read More >>


Kuwait Jump-Starts Oil Prices, Sends Oil Stocks Soaring (RIG, ESV, EPE, NE, SDLP)

Image source Transocean. What Crude oil prices jumped 3% today, which fueled a big rally in oil stocks. Several were up by double digits, including Transocean , ENSCO , EP...Read More >>


Emerging Market ETFs: Value Trade Of The Next Decade?

The concept of value investing is one that has proven its worth over decades of cyclical investment trends.  Most often, investors who adhere to this practice are trying to uncover stocks or...Read More >>


Top 5 Strategist Stories of the Week (April 11-15)

Each week ETF Trends publishes news, commentary and strategist stories surrounding the world of ETFs. Here's a look at the Top 5 Strategist Stories of the Week for April 11 15, 2016 1. The...Read More >>


Long Term Chart Reading of BTC/USD Supports Bull Case

When I started writing about Bitcoin in these pages, I set out to do so from the perspective of a trader; that is, after all, my background. The more I learned about the concept behind the...Read More >>


How Edwards Lifesciences Hopes To Beat Medtronic

SOURCE EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES Following positive news from trials that could significantly expand demand for its heart valves, Edwards Lifesciences shares sky rocketed. The trials show that...Read More >>