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Facebook Messenger Is Worth More Than WhatsApp

Facebook is setting the stage to monetize Messenger with "Businesses on Messenger." Photo Facebook. Seven hundred million people now use Facebook Messenger to communicate with...Read More >>


Goldman's Survey of Millennials is Good News for Bitcoin

The big news on the Bitcoin front this week is about Greece, but I had my say on that subject  a couple of weeks ago, when I suggested that trading dynamics rather than direct buying from...Read More >>


What BitLicense Regulations Mean for Bitcoin

So, now we have it. After several attempts and, to the credit of the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), much consultation with the nascent Bitcoin industry and its advocates...Read More >>


The Unique Case For Small Cap ETFs

As we near the midpoint of 2015, gains in the vast majority of diversified stock indices have been tepid at best. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF ( SPY ) is clinging to a total return of just 2% and has...Read More >>


The Benefits And Risks Of MLP ETFs

Master limited partnerships (or MLPs) have long been favored by income investors for their high yields and non-correlated returns. Most MLPs operate a toll-road style infrastructure of pipelines,...Read More >>


Bitcoin Benefits From the Greek Tragedy

When I started to write on the subject of Bitcoin in these pages around ten months ago, I was determined to cover the subject from a dispassionate trader’s perspective. As a product of forex...Read More >>


Technology Sector Update for 07/02/2015: RGSE,LLNW,SPEX,VZ

Top Tech Stocks MSFT 0.25% AAPL 0.13% IBM +0.34% CSCO 0.00% GOOG +0.27% Technology stocks have turned slightly higher in late trade, reversing earlier declines, with shares of technology companies...Read More >>


4 Reasons Microsoft Corporation Won't Kill Windows Phone

Rumors are swirling that Microsoft might kill off its underdog mobile platform, Windows Phone. However, investors should take those reports with a grain of salt, since the source of the rumors...Read More >>


Delta Air Lines Follows JetBlue With Increased Transcontinental Service

In the past two weeks, a major network adjustment by United Continental has created a bit of a vacuum in the lucrative market for transcontinental flights from New York's JFK Airport to Los...Read More >>


When It Comes To Fiscal Policy, It's Better To Save For A Rainy Day Than To Let It Pour

By Otaviano Canuto By Otaviano Canuto, Francisco Carneiro, and Leonardo Garrido While pro cyclical fiscal policies i.e., expansionary fiscal policies in booms and contractionary fiscal stances in...Read More >>