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Facebook Beats Earnings, But FB Stock Dives 10% After-Hours - Stocks in the News

Since Facebook's launch in 2004, the company has grown into a social media behemoth as it is estimated that 20% of the globe's population is on Facebook. The company is once again in focus today...Read More >>


What Apple, Inc. Stock's Dividend Could Look Like in 10 Years

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What Happens After You File a Claim?

You've heard the nightmare scenarios: Customers file their first home or auto insurance claim and accordingly have to pay much higher rates or they see their insurance cancelled. While that...Read More >>


Could This Small Stock Be The Next GoPro?

Unless you're not much into tech, you've probably heard of GoPro, Inc. (Nasdaq GRPR ), a young firm gaining fame for its wearable high definition cameras designed for extreme action video...Read More >>


Where Will Apple Stock Be In 10 Years?

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5 Myths about Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance (or any type of insurance) can get confusing. There's a lot of advice out there for drivers young and old; the trick is deciphering the myths from the facts. Here are five common...Read More >>


Is It Time to Buy Windstream Holdings, Inc's Stock?

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Three 'Rules' For Trading Bitcoin

Many people who trade Bitcoin, it seems, came to it almost by accident. They started out as miners intrigued by the computing know-how required, or as believers in the concept of a global...Read More >>


Where Does Facebook (FB) See Itself in 3, 5, and 10 Years?

Facebook 's ultimate goal is to connect and understand the world. On its way there, it has some intermediate and long term goals that will contribute to theoverall aspiration. In the company's...Read More >>


How To Navigate Safely Through A Turbulent Market

By Adam Harding , financial advisor on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor . Over the last several weeks, there have been plenty of doomsday headlines including words like "Ebola,"...Read More >>