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Pre-Market Earnings Report for April 13, 2015 : CBSH

The following companies are expected to report earnings prior to market open on 04 13 2015. Visit our Earnings Calendar for a full list of expected earnings releases. Commerce Bancshares, Inc....Read More >>


Apple Watch: The Implications for Investors of the "Return of the Hype"

The Apple ( AAPL ) Watch is scheduled for release two weeks from today. When it was unveiled a month ago, it seemed to me that the actual sales of the watch, even in a best case scenario, would...Read More >>


Emerging Market ETFs Showing Signs Of A Breakout

Emerging market ETFs are once again giving us a reason to pause and take notice of their price momentum relative to the opportunities in the developed investment world.  Despite multiple years of...Read More >>


Ignore the Bad Press: BTC/USD Looks Like A Buy

The news in the Bitcoin world this week has been almost entirely negative, obscuring the continued good news around the exchange rate. Attention was focused on the Bitcoin Foundation elections...Read More >>


Forex - Weekly outlook: May 4 - 8

Investing.com Investing.com The dollar regained ground against the other major currencies on Friday after a flurry of mixed economic reports indicated that the U.S. economy may be stabilizing...Read More >>


GE Resorts To Financial Engineering to Boost Stock Price

GE Underperforms Market Jeff Immelt, feeling the pressure for a stock price that has vastly underperformed the overall market during his tenure as CEO at GE, has...Read More >>


Proctor and Gamble Lays Out A Blueprint For Dealing With A Strong Dollar

Procter & Gamble ( PG ) released their results this morning, an event that I always look forward to. Not for the results themselves; as one would expect from a mega multinational with blanket...Read More >>


2 Stocks That Overreacted to Earnings: Chipotle and Yahoo

Some things bear repeating. I have, many times, pointed out an observation regarding traders that comes from nearly twenty years in a dealing room. I make no apologies for the repetition, though,...Read More >>


4 Mistakes To Avoid When Trading ETFs

It is always a good idea for investors who are getting used to the structure of exchange-traded funds to review some common trading mistakes . That way you won’t fall into the same pitfalls...Read More >>


Will Biocept (BIOC) Continue to Surge Higher? - Tale of the Tape

As of late, it has definitely been a great time to be an investor in Biocept Inc ( BIOC ) . The stock has moved higher by 37.1% in the past month, while it is also above its 20...Read More >>