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Consumer Sector Update for 10/05/2015: BG, TWTR, CALM

Top Consumer Shares WMT +0.3% MCD +0.7% DIS +0.5% CVS +0.7% KO +0.5% GE flat Consumer shares were generally higher ahead of the opening bell Monday. In consumer stocks news, food and feed...Read More >>


Positioning into the Fed Announcement

Running positions through major news announcements is a relatively new concept for me. In the forex dealing rooms where I worked we were discouraged from doing it. The unpredictability of the...Read More >>


Forex - USD/CAD falls to 2-week lows after U.S. data

Investing.com Investing.com The U.S. dollar fell to two week lows against its Canadian counterpart on Friday, as the release of a weak U.S. employment report sparked fresh concerns over the...Read More >>


Top 11 Indian ADRs For U.S. Investors

Although investing opportunities are not bound by borders, access to them is often limited for investors. Those keen to invest at a distance have few options in hand. One of the common ways to...Read More >>


Alibaba: From Craze to Being Sold Like Crazy; Should You Buy?

With a whopping $25 billion collection, Alibaba ( BABA ) staged the biggest initial public offering in recorded history in the first month of Fall 2014. The story of Alibaba is intriguing as well...Read More >>


This Automaker May Eventually Dethrone Tesla as the King of Electric Vehicles

No company has made a bigger bet on the future of electric vehicles than Tesla Motors . Outside of a very small energy storage business, the company gets almost all of its revenue...Read More >>


Facebook Inc Threatens YouTube With New Streaming TV App

Facebook users just got access to over 400 streaming video channels, thanks to FreeCast's Rabbit TV Lite app. The app, which runs inside Facebook, aggregates free videos from all over the web...Read More >>


High Yield Bond ETFs Test 2-Year Lows

Concerns over the health of the economy coupled with a laser focus on the Federal Reserve’s rate hike timing have combined to deteriorate prices in the high yield bond market.  High yield bonds,...Read More >>


A Bad Week For Capitalism: The Impact of the Martin Shkreli and Volkswagen Scandals

For those with a belief in the efficacy of free markets, this has been a dispiriting week. We have been treated to two examples of what Karl Marx once called “Capitalism red in tooth and claw.”...Read More >>


3 Top Performing Smart Beta International ETFs

ETF providers are continually turning to smart beta indexes that seek to capture a unique subset of stocks with specific fundamental or technical qualities.  While these funds often have higher...Read More >>