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Recent Big Bitcoin Drop Looks Like A Squeeze; That Could Be A Huge Problem

Last week, as anticipated in these pages , Bitcoin fell to test an important level against the U.S. Dollar; the level from which the crazy run up to $1100 was launched. On a few of days of...Read More >>


Who Will Lose in The Fight Between Fox News and DISH Network?

DISH's website, DISH Stands For You , seeks to tell the company's side of the story. Source DISH. Last month, the Fox News and Fox Business channels went black on DISH Network  when...Read More >>


DISH Network Was Right to Reject Fox News’ Deal

Fox claims DISH is blocking Fox News, but Dish says Fox pulled its channels. Source KeepFoxNews.com . Earlier this month, DISH Network blacked out the Fox News and Fox Business channels...Read More >>


Bitcoin's Bubble Means That Current Levels Shouldn't Be A Concern

Those who stand in implacable opposition to Bitcoin seem to want it both ways. “Look,” they say,” Bitcoin has dropped from over $1100 to under $250; it is obviously worthless!” Then, at the same...Read More >>


Gilead Sciences Should Pay a Dividend, But It Won't

...


Bull of the Day: Facebook (FB) - Bull of the Day

I'll admit it. I'm guilty and I might have a problem. I have a Facebook ( FB ) problem. I'm the one creeping on photos of your friends, stalking your activity and chiming in with trollish...Read More >>


Bitcoin's Value Reaches Crucial Levels

When I wrote a couple of weeks ago that Bitcoin’s value  in U.S. dollars (BTC/USD) could fall into a new, lower range before stabilizing in the early part of this year, I kind of assumed it...Read More >>


Why Smartphones Will Propel AAPL Stock to All-Time Highs

By Richard Saintvilus, InvestorPlace Contributor Shares of Apple, Inc. ( AAPL ) have climbed more than 7%  since plummeting to a 2015 low of $104.63 on Jan. 6. Which means investors who...Read More >>


Tesla (TSLA) Is Now Value, Despite The P/E

I have, in the past, upset some Tesla ( TSLA ) enthusiasts with my somewhat negative view of the stock. It is not that I don’t appreciate the company; it’s just that I am motivated by value and...Read More >>


Forex - EUR/USD pares losses after disappointing U.S. data

Investing.com Investing.com The euro pared losses against the U.S. dollar on Friday, pulling away from 11 year lows after the release of disappointing U.S. housing and manufacturing data, while...Read More >>