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8 Ways To Make Divorce Less Taxing

By Ingrid Case PHOENIX — Divorce is an emotional blow, but with good financial advice, it doesn’t have to be a tax hit as well. “The IRS doesn’t have the resources to help a lot around this...Read More >>


How One Tech Company Is Taking A Modular Approach To Software Development

In just the last 20 years, the software development industry has grown from neonatal to full-fledged adult. But that doesn’t mean innovation has slowed down. In fact, the software industry has...Read More >>


4 Steps To Picking The Right Commodity ETF

Picking the right exchange-traded fund for your investment portfolio can be an arduous task that is often compounded by the sheer number of available offerings.  In some sections of the ETF...Read More >>


U.S. Election Puts $1,000 Bitcoin Within Reach

In my now bi-weekly look at Bitcoin I tend to focus on the news rather than the price. Bitcoin is a long-term challenge to banking and even money as we know it, and I have felt that progress in...Read More >>


USDollar Soars on Brexit, Safety and Reserve Appetite Strong Winds

DailyFX.com Fundamental Forecast for Dollar Bullish Deepening risk aversion and a concentration of reserves can provide a strong drive for the DollarRate expectations have collapsed after Brexit...Read More >>


Microsoft Working Towards Wider Adoption Of Blockchain

Blockchain is gaining momentum as an indispensable part of the future of all enterprises, businesses and governments. Blockchain, or the distributed ledger technology, possesses the...Read More >>


U.S. Bond ETFs Benefit From Global Yield Shortage

The Federal Reserve has been threating to raise interest rates for a number of months now and ETF investors have opted to call their bluff.  After being burned by the chase for high yield...Read More >>


3 Stocks That Have Turned $5,000 into $50,000 or More

To be clear, the goal of long term investing isn't to get rich quickly, or to chase the "next big thing." Rather, the most certain way to create wealth is to buy a diverse portfolio...Read More >>


Self-Driving Trucks Could Revolutionize The Industry

This truck could be self-driving before long. Shutterstock photo While there is a lot of buzz around self-driving cars, interestingly, the economic and operational incentives in the...Read More >>


Santander Becomes First U.K. Bank to Introduce Blockchain Technology for International Payments

Santander U.K. has announced its introduction of blockchain technology for international payments through a new app that is currently being rolled out as a staff pilot. The bank plans to make the...Read More >>