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Facebook Messenger Is Worth More Than WhatsApp

Facebook is setting the stage to monetize Messenger with "Businesses on Messenger." Photo Facebook. Seven hundred million people now use Facebook Messenger to communicate with...Read More >>


Bit-bugs: Bitcoin as the New Safe Haven

It would seem that Bitcoin is no longer in its burbling infancy, when serious analysts used to say “isn’t that cute,” pinch its cheeks and move on. Now in its awkward, self-righteous...Read More >>


Meet The Man Disrupting eSports

By: Nick Donato for Benzinga Meet Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood. He founded VoodooPC in the early nineties and sold the business to Hewlett-Packard ( HPQ ) over a decade later. Sood then moved to...Read More >>


Why Bitcoin Looks About to Correct Downwards

As most readers will be aware by now, I am not a bitcoin hater. I see the long term utility of a peer to peer currency and believe in its future. My background, however, is that of a trader and...Read More >>


RSI Alert: Apple Hospitality REIT Now Oversold

The DividendRank formula at Dividend Channel ranks a coverage universe of thousands of dividend stocks , according to a proprietary formula designed to identify those stocks that combine two...Read More >>


Could the Blockchain Challenge the Cloud as the Next Big Thing?

I have, in the past, voiced skepticism about the idea of separating the technology  behind Bitcoin, specifically the blockchain, from the currency itself. It seems that every day another...Read More >>


Bitcoin Community's Overreaction to Putin's Speech Demonstrates Lack of Maturity

When people are young and immature, they tend to react in extreme ways to things. They fly off the handle in response to the slightest criticism, real or imagined, and find praise and...Read More >>


Apple Earnings Offer Investors Opportunity To Buy At Discount

Yesterday the Nasdaq led the rest of the market down, and early indications are that today will follow the same pattern. Some of that, no doubt, is due to the negative reaction to Apple (...Read More >>


Wal-Mart Accused of Denying Benefits to Same-Sex Workers - Analyst Blog

Wal Mart Stores, Inc.WMT has been reportedly accused by a Massachusetts employee of being biased against same sex couples. Under the proposed class action complaint, Wal Mart employee Jacqueline...Read More >>


Trouble Brewing For Emerging Market ETFs

Emerging market countries are once again succumbing to the uncertainty of global commodity deflation combined with the over excess of speculative trading. While the world has been fixated on the...Read More >>