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Member Call Date Rated Timeframe Start Price End Price Stock Gain/Loss Score Status
Netteligent Netteligent 07/14/2016 1 month $76.77 $75.56 -1.58% 1 Active
Comments: Deadman walking. Speculation. High Risk
RonaldH RonaldH 07/01/2016 3 months $73.72 $75.56 +2.5% 2 Active
prometheusX prometheusX 08/05/2015 1 month $65.41 $57.33 -12.35% -12 Ended
LeonMcClendon LeonMcClendon 10/07/2014 3 months $49.77 $59.51 +19.57% 19 Ended
Comments: Upcoming product launch will be successful
Dr.Timothy W Price Dr.Timothy W Price 05/18/2014 3 months $48.78 $49.66 +1.8% 1 Ended
Comments: I own stocks in this and make money too !
GiorgiKakabadze GiorgiKakabadze 03/12/2013 3 months $38.12 $47.45 +24.49% 24 Ended
4William 4William 12/01/2012 1 week $32.63 $32.55 -0.25% 1 Ended
Bobby_41 Bobby_41 04/16/2012 3 months $32.54 $35.37 +8.7% 8 Ended
Comments: Industry sector growing or poised for growth
magicdad magicdad 02/22/2012 3 months $32.23 $32.71 +1.49% 1 Ended
Comments: Industry sector growing or poised for growth
Izabelka Izabelka 01/16/2011 1 month $25.84 $36.15 +39.9% 39 Ended
Comments: Good company with great dividend
rtcoliveira rtcoliveira 07/27/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Comments: best pipeline in the pharmaceutical industry
Xande Xande 07/27/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Comments: This is a solid company with strong management. Has very solid financial situation, and is on a market place that has little impact from crisis. Its patent losses are going to be compensated by NEW.
FANman FANman 07/10/2010 3 months N/A Ended
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