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Member Call Date Rated Timeframe Start Price End Price Stock Gain/Loss Score Status
MaxBranaum MaxBranaum 12/09/2016 1 month $0.12 $0.12 +1.75% 1 Active
Comments: Reverse merger or Buyout imminent
Hugo Pinto Hugo Pinto 04/09/2015 1 Year $0.49 $0.31 -37.5% -37 Ended
Comments: conclusion of P3 EPIC trial and overwhelmingly positive data
zargboss zargboss 02/03/2014 1 month $0.83 $0.83 -0.34% -1 Ended
Comments: Great potential. Low amount of debt.
TINTINPRO TINTINPRO 01/15/2014 1 month $0.79 $0.81 +3.25% 3 Ended
TomPain TomPain 08/16/2013 3 months $0.42 $0.43 +2.41% 2 Ended
Comments: From 1% to 46% Institutional Investment accumalation in last two months.
Fina Fina 11/29/2012 1 Year $0.65 $0.44 -32.3% -32 Ended
grandpelican_2 grandpelican_2 01/16/2012 3 months $0.61 $0.73 +19.15% 19 Ended
Comments: Industry sector growing or poised for growth
MoMoney_1 MoMoney_1 09/16/2010 3 months $2.05 $0.73 -64.4% 64 Ended
Comments: FDA disapproval of the drug.
ruffnsluff ruffnsluff 08/21/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Nichols.wk Nichols.wk 08/09/2010 3 months N/A Ended
okelliot okelliot 06/07/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Comments: ,Smart stock +++
tony_33 tony_33 05/10/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Comments: ,this stock will rise in 2 months
rauf_1 rauf_1 04/23/2010 3 months N/A Ended
CBraden CBraden 04/05/2010 3 months N/A Ended
RTRobb RTRobb 03/26/2010 3 months N/A Ended
mpch mpch 03/11/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Bugsy Bugsy 02/19/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Comments: ANX is a 50K share play and up. Watching for 3 months now. To date, up $6,143.20 There could be an important announcement from the management around the middle of March.
raj_kumar raj_kumar 02/09/2010 3 months N/A Ended
JAMMER_1 JAMMER_1 01/26/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Comments: May see 1.00 before March. 2 to 3 by end of year. No debt, recent financing, 2 drug patents, 1 NDA submission could have FDA aproval by Oct, C Ichan is major share holder... strong buy
DonL_2 DonL_2 01/15/2010 3 months N/A Ended
Comments: Stock is at a good price right now. Buying long
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