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Sell now: These sectors will face irrecoverable losses

Investors need not fear an across the board, multi year stock market crash, if for no other reason than the psychological component of the market prevents it from doing what so many people... Read >>


The Fed's Financial Repression At Work: How Big Blue Was Turned Into A Wall Street Slush Fund

IBM ( IBM ) is a poster child for the ill effects of the Fed's financial repression. In effect, the Fed's zero interest rate policies are telling big companies to issue truckloads of debt and use... Read >>


3D Printing Enters The Retail Space At Home Depot

Jim Probasco, Benzinga Staff Writer The announcement Monday that Stratasys’ ( SSYS ) MakerBot and Home Depot ( HD ) would collaborate to begin stocking 12 Home Depot stores with MakerBot... Read >>

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In the news: Earnings from Google and GE, Amazon's book subscription service and more

Friday headlines include earnings from Google and General Electric, Amazon launching a new subscription service for books, CBS's CEO expressing an interest in CNN and FedEx indicted on drug... Read >>

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Why Apple (AAPL) Added Susan Wagner To Its Board

Apple's ( AAPL ) decision to add Susan L. Wagner to its board of directors goes beyond adding another experienced voice in helping the company. It also hints at where the company is going in... Read >>

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This is the WORST stock on the market today

Of all human conditions, doom is the most universal. You are doomed, I am doomed, everyone we know and love is doomed. We're thoroughly used to being doomed bored with it, even yet for some... Read >>


Ubiquiti Networks: A Brilliant CEO And His Unique Business Model Augur Substantial Gains For Shareholders

By Gino Verza Ubiquiti Networks (NASDAQ UBNT ) provides service providers and enterprises with networking gear for fixed wireless broadband, wireless backhaul, routing, enterprise WiFi, video... Read >>

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Toyota to produce first fuel cell car

The long awaited fuel cell car is finally here, sort of. Toyota ( TM ) announced this Thursday that they were beginning mass production of a completely new kind of car which will run on hydrogen... Read >>

Using Nanotubes To Make Cheaper, Cleaner Hydrogen Fuel

By Andy Tully for Hydrogen has a reputation as a clean source of energy, especially when compared to fossil fuels such as oil and coal. But there’s just one problem: You need to... Read >>

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Buy these stocks now, before they beat earnings estimates

Earnings season is now in full swing, and the initial reports suggest that this could be a decent earnings season. Early reports have been upbeat, raising the question of which stocks should... Read >>

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