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Close calls: Market lazy, investors woozy

Welcome back to Close Calls for the week of July 7 through July 11. The market was a little funny this week. It was like all the usual urgency was just… gone. This happens sometimes after... Read >>


FAB Universal: Glaring Contradictions In Its 2013 10-K

By Alfred Little On July 16th, 2014, FAB Universal ( FU ) will make an oral appeal to the NYSE's April 28th, 2014 delisting decision. Presumably FAB will try to explain how its secret $16.3... Read >>

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The Zynga experience

Zynga ( ZNGA ) is a maker of socially interactive games. The company's games can be played on mobile devices, on Zynga's website, or on a social media website, e.g., Facebook ( FB ). Zynga went... Read >>

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In the news: Tobacco companies move closer to merger, earnings from Infosysm, Verizon and more

Friday headlines include Reynolds American and Lorillard moving closer to merger, China declaring the iPhone a threat to national security, Verizon adding new subscribers and earnings from... Read >>

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Incredible comebacks: Five stocks that have roared back

Americans love underdogs. Perhaps it is a legacy of our humble origins, for certainly a great many passed through considerable ill fortune on their roads to becoming Americans. Whatever the... Read >>

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Cynk Technology: Don't be stupid

Shares of a tiny company called Cynk Technology Corp. ( CYNK ) have soared since the middle of June, gaining more than 24,000% in less than a month. Don't be fooled though, this company isn't... Read >>

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In the news: IBM's big bet on chip research, Family Dollar earnings miss and more

Thursday headlines IBM putting up big bucks for chip research, Google Ventures opening an office in Europe, American Airlines taking a big charge in connection with fuel hedging, Bank of... Read >>

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Five ways to tell if a stock is about to take a dive

Last week I wrote about five characteristics of a winning stock , but as every seasoned investor knows, knowing when to sell a stock is just as important (some would argue more important), than... Read >>

'Sponge-like' Silicon May Mean Major Advance In Battery Technology

By Andy Tully for For years, manufacturers have used graphite for one of the electrodes in lithium-ion batteries, but have hankered for a way to replace graphite with silicon,... Read >>

Cheap Natural Gas Triggers Major Industrial Expansion Plans In the U.S.

By Nick Cunningham for Natural gas consumption in the United States could rise by 19 to 31 percent over the next five years due to a wave of industrial projects slated for... Read >>

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