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Utilities Facing Coal Shortages Due To Rail Congestion

By Nick Cunningham for With winter approaching, the piles of coal at utility yards are running well below average, and several utilities are pressuring rail companies to allow... Read >>


EU Mandarins Want To 'Break Up Google' - Commissar Oettinger Strikes Again

By Pater Tenebrarum A Fount of Bad Ideas We have previously reported on the EU's new digital commissar Mr. Oettinger , who recently announced he wants to make an EU case against Google ( GOOG ) (... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

5 High-Tech, High-Dividend Stocks

By Jeff Reeves, Editor of High-dividend stocks are typically in ho-hum sectors like consumer staples or utilities. After all, reliable revenue is what adds up to reliable... Read >>


Globalstar: Would TLPS Even Work On Your Phone? Filtering Poses A Major Threat To TLPS Usability

By Kerrisdale Capital Management This graph illustrates the impact that the filters inside many mobile devices have on Channel 14 signals dramatic degradation. These filters are tiny devices that... Read >>

Martin Tillier

3 Reasons For Bitcoin Users To Be Thankful

This week my adopted country will celebrate Thanksgiving. Any holiday that is primarily about eating and drinking too much while watching sports is okay by me, but that modern take on the... Read >>

Dutch Team Develop 'Warmer' LEDs

By Andy Tully for Not all light is created equal. Fluorescent lamps generate a lot of light and little heat, but their blue glare can be harsh. Incandescent light is softer, with... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Warning! These stocks are flashing sell signs

The markets have emerged from earnings season as strong as ever, and are poised to close the year on a positive note. The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 continue to trade near record levels,... Read >>


Identiv's Post-Password Era Solutions Gaining Traction As Company Strengthens Financial Position

By StockMatusow Written By Michael Kovar and ScottMatusow In yet in another string of security breaches, JPMorgan Chase ( JPM ) revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission... Read >>

Jim Blasingame

Why you should care about the net neutrality debate

As policy battle lines are being drawn in Washington, there's one important issue being debated that might not stay on your radar like Obamacare and immigration. It's called " net... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Biotech: And Yet We've Just Begun...

Truly innovative and transformative advances in any industry or sector are rare, but when they come along, investors must ensure that they stay on the right side of history. Buying Eastman Kodak... Read >>

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