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How to turn $2,500 into $25,000

Sometimes the market has an element of gambling about it, but it is not pure chance, if you understand the trends that are pushing the numbers around better than the market. What exactly is the... Read >>

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In the news: Earnings from Walmart, Cisco and Kohl's and Green Mountain raising prices

Thursday headlines include lowered guidance from Walmart, more layoffs from Cisco, bidders emerging for General Electric's appliance unit, earnings from Kohls and price increases coming to... Read >>

As Demand For Oil Drops, Worries Rise For Debt-Heavy Companies

By Nick Cunningham for Weak global oil demand is keeping a lid on prices, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), and that’s bad news for companies... Read >>

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Why is Candy Crush like cigarettes?

Candy Crush maker King Digital's ( KING ) shares are getting pummeled Wednesday morning after the company said revenue fell from the first to second quarters by about $30 million and the company... Read >>

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In the news: Deere beats estimates, King Digital declares a dividend and more

Wednesday headlines include an earnings beat from Deere, Amazon launching its own credit card reader, King Digital reporting soft revenue, but declaring a big dividend, Target hoping supply... Read >>

New Study Says U.S. Underestimated Keystone XL Emissions

By Nick Cunningham for A new report says the U.S. government dramatically underestimated the level of greenhouse gas emissions that would result if the controversial proposed... Read >>

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Five stocks that can keep running for years

Have you ever tried to pinpoint what separates the truly great investors from the rest of the pack? Of course you have, we have all tried to find the magic recipe to long term successful... Read >>


InvenSense: All Sensors Go!

By Matt Margolis InvenSense ( INVN ) was my firstFORENSICSpick, originally released on June 5, 2014. The stock is up 28% since I initiated coverage at $19.40. During the last 10 weeks, INVN hit a... Read >>

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Why all the action is now in biotech

At first glance, it would seem that there is action everywhere in today's stock market. In technology , the race to dominate the next generation of smartphones is as hot as ever, a huge slew of... Read >>

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Buy TSLA Stock - 3 Reasons Tesla Will Keep Setting New Highs

By Jeff Reeves, Editor of Tesla Motors ( TSLA ) hit a new record close on Monday, settling above $259 a share. That price was topped only by a previous intraday high of $265... Read >>

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