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Big Oil And Renewables: Not So Strange Bedfellows

By Chris Dalby for In most conversations about energy, the topic of Big Oil versus renewables usually becomes a zero-sum game. Renewable advocates accuse Big Oil of conspiring to... Read >>

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Five stocks that will outperform this holiday season

As hard as it is to believe, 2014 is coming to an end, which means that investors will shift attention to the upcoming holiday shopping season. Consumer confidence hit pre recession levels... Read >>

Marc Chaikin

ETF Outlook: Spyder S&P Semiconductor ETF (XSD)

Every week, Marc Chaikin applies his groundbreaking analysis to an ETF or a sector. Today, he looks at SPDR S&P Semiconductor ETF ( XSD ) The SPDR Semiconductor ETF ( XSD ) was a... Read >>


IBM: Taking A Hard Look At R&D

By Tom Armistead International Business Machines ( IBM ) is cheap by many of the usual metrics, thanks to ongoing lack of revenue growth. The long term potential created by the company's ongoing... Read >>

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In the news: Earnings from Yahoo, Xerox, Boeing and Broadcom

Wednesday headlines include Weak earnings from Xerox, Yahoo beating revenue expectations, Boeing topping estimates, Total working on a succession plan and a strong quarterly report from... Read >>

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Buy these stock now while they’re on sale

It is not easy to jump into stocks that are going through hard times. No one wants to make the mistake of trying to catch a falling knife, but sometimes the best time to buy  stocks is... Read >>

Chris Ciaccia

Why Apple Is Less Concerned About the iPad Than It Has Been Before

Apple ( AAPL ) has been adamant that the iPad is the future of computing as devices become more and more mobile, but the strength in the Mac has helped Apple take a different tune. It appears as... Read >>

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In the news: Verizon and Coca-Cola miss, SunEdison's CEO talks growth and more

Tuesday headlines include Earnings misses from Verizon and Coca Cola, Total S.A.'s CEO dying after his jet collided with a snow plow in Russia, SunEdison's CEO describing the long upward... Read >>

New Catalyst Could Mean Cheaper Biofuels Production

By Andy Tully for Biofuels are renewable and clean alternatives to fossil fuels, but they can be difficult to produce because their source, biomass, contains a fair amount of... Read >>

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Buy these stocks before they raise their dividends

The year is coming to a close, but before it does there are still some big name stocks that will be raising their dividends. Investors love dividends because of the income they bring into a... Read >>

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