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Jim Robinson

How Spanish Publishers Could Lose Even More Google News Traffic

Google News recently shut down in Spain Image credit: Flick user  Juanedc Following Google Inc.’s (GOOG) shutdown of Google News in Spain , Spanish news publishers are experiencing a... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Five stocks that will soar when wearable tech takes off

2014 was supposed to be the year that wearable technology went mainstream. While it was an exciting year for wearable technology, it appears as though the sector's true move into mainstream will... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Buy these stocks before they raise their dividends

Over the next two weeks, most of us will have plenty to think about besides investing. But once all the presents have been opened, and the New Years Eve has come and gone, 2015 will get under... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

5 Tech Stocks the Charts Scream "Buy!"

By Mike Turner, Editor, Turner Analytics & Signal Investor Tech stocks have been on a tear in 2014. Both the iShares U.S. Technology ETF ( IYW ) and the Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin Hacker Exploits Weakness, Then Returns BTC to Rightful Owners

As the holiday season gets into full swing, it is customary for those, like me, lucky enough to have a public forum for our opinions, to focus on the good. We should, convention says, find a... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Sony Data Leak: This Too Shall Pass

We live in an age featuring heavy saturation of news coverage. Feeding the hungry beast that is 24/7 news demands that when a juicy story comes around every last shred of meat is stripped... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Five MORE stocks that will double in 2015

Everyone likes the idea of a double, and while going for one means accepting greater than market level risk, that doesn't mean it's a bad play. For many investors, getting that first big win is... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

Qualcomm (QCOM) Stock: The Biggest Screaming Buy in the Tech Sector

By John Divine, InvestorPlace Assistant Editor Qualcomm, Inc. ( QCOM ), is the world’s largest supplier of smartphone chips, a $122 billion technology giant. It boasts a robust army of... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

3 Tech Stocks to Play in the Semiconductor Industry

By Louis Navellier, Editor, Blue Chip Growth We continue to see signs that the U.S. economy is picking up steam as head into the end of year, which is great news for an industry that many had... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Five of Wall Street’s favorite stocks for 2015

We are down to the final three weeks of trading in 2014, and while most traders are focused on holiday plans, it is important to spend some time planning our 2015 investment strategies. It is... Read >>

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