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Martin Tillier

Ignore The Chart Pattern, Mastec (MTZ) Is No Dead Cat

Yesterday I wrote about the “dead cat bounce,” the tendency of stocks that have declined rapidly to give an appearance of bottoming out, an appearance that is often deceptive. It should go... Read >>

The Kardashians and Climate Change: Interview with Judith Curry

By James Stafford for Climate change continues to drive energy policy, despite the fact that there is no way to reconcile eradicating energy poverty in much of the world with... Read >>


3 Major Tech Companies Breaking Into Health Care

Jim Probasco, Benzinga Staff Writer For years, rows of folders filled with patient medical records have been a familiar sight in doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics. Some major tech... Read >>

Chris Ciaccia

How Microsoft (MSFT) Could Reward Shareholders Even More

Microsoft ( MSFT ) is now firmly Satya Nadella's company, now that former CEO Steve Ballmer has stepped down from the board. This new cloud- and mobile-first company could reward shareholders... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

The new blue chips: Five stocks for the next generation

It is believed that the term "blue chip stock" is taken from the poker felt, where blue chips often represent the most expensive and therefor the most desirable chips. On Wall Street... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

In the news: Home Depot beats, Goldman and Libya to go to court and more

Tuesday headlines include better than expected earnings from Home Depot, Goldman Sachs being sued by Libya's sovereign wealth fund, markets and analysts reacting to BHP Billiton's spin off... Read >>

Unlikely Bedfellows: Mines That Run On Solar Or Wind Power

By Andrew Topf for Mining companies are often seen as dinosaurs when it comes to making changes that will benefit the environment, but that perception may be shifting as some... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

This high-yield dividend strategy is still beating the market

We last checked in with the "Dogs of the Dow" back in July, and noted that as of the end of the second quarter, the group had outpaced the Dow Jones by a margin of 6.6%. While... Read >>

Fracking Fluids More Toxic Than Previously Thought

By Andy Tully for A new study of the fluids used in the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, shows that several of them may not be as safe as the energy... Read >>

Using Sweat To Charge Your Cell Phone

By Andy Tully for Imagine using daily exercise not just to power your body, but also your cell phone. That’s what a team of scientists at the University of California-San Diego... Read >>

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