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Chris Ciaccia

Where Netflix (NFLX) Goes From Here

Now that Netflix ( NFLX ) has more than 36 million domestic streaming subscribers in the U.S., the company's plans for international expansion show that Netflix wants to be more than just a... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Time To Look For Some Biotech Value

Last week, following the sector specific comments of the Federal Reserve Board, I suggested that ultimately the market would ignore them. In fact, I would go even further; as I pointed out... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

In the news: Chipotle beats, Travelers misses and Yahoo keeps buying stuff

Tuesday headlines include strong earnings from Chipotle, subscriber losses at Comcast, a soft quarter from Travelers, United Technologies raising its guidance and another big purchase for... Read >>

DOE, Intel Work to Keep 'Moore's Law' From Expiring

By Andy Tully for There are two ways to double the number of transistors on a computer chip: Either make the chip twice as big – not an option for small electronic devices – or... Read >>

Olson Global Markets

Did Fed Chair Janet Yellen Peek At The NASDAQ Biotechnology Chart?

Since March 2009, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI) has staged one of the most impressive rallies ever seen. With a rise of 2,267 points since its 2009 low of 606, the NBI has risen by 374% to... Read >>


Citrix Killer: Sphere 3D's Debut On Nasdaq, Merger With Overland, Purchase Of V3 Systems

By Point Of Return Sphere 3D Corp 's (NASDAQ ANY ) debut on the NASDAQ Global Market this week heralds the arrival of a new and powerful competitor to the Information Storage and Virtualization... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

In the news: Earnings, AK Steel buys plant from Russian firm and more

Monday headlines include Google being among the potential bidders for outdoor wireless in New York, earnings from Hasbro and Halliburton, AK Steel buying a plant from a Russian firm and CBS... Read >>

Marc Chaikin

Stock Pick Of The Week: Skyworks Solutions (SWKS)

Skyworks Solutions ( SWKS ) has a very bullish Chaikin Power Gauge rating and reported its 3rd quarter earnings after the close on Thursday July 17th. SWKS had beaten analyst estimates in... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Sell now: These sectors will face irrecoverable losses

Investors need not fear an across the board, multi year stock market crash, if for no other reason than the psychological component of the market prevents it from doing what so many people... Read >>


The Fed's Financial Repression At Work: How Big Blue Was Turned Into A Wall Street Slush Fund

IBM ( IBM ) is a poster child for the ill effects of the Fed's financial repression. In effect, the Fed's zero interest rate policies are telling big companies to issue truckloads of debt and use... Read >>

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