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Chris Ciaccia

The iPhone Is Still King At Apple

4/24/2014, 10:57 am from Chris Ciaccia in News Headlines, Technology, International, Stocks

If there was any doubt that the iPhone had a little more juice left in it, then those doubts can be put to bed after last night. Apple ( AAPL ) reported fiscal second quarter results that blew… Read More


AudioCodes: Shame On Me! Shame On You?

4/22/2014, 11:10 am from SeekingAlpha in Investing, Technology

By Josh Franklin In September 2012, I boldly initiated coverage of AudioCodes ( AUDC ) with "AudioCodes A Call Option on Microsoft Lync Skype Intentions" . The stock was trading at $1.50… Read More


A Closer Look at What S&P Sector Performance is Saying

4/22/2014, 10:15 am from ETFguide in Investing, Technology

What does the performance of S&P 500 industry sectors telling us right now? For one, the recent sell off that took down the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average a few percentage points… Read More

Martin Tillier

Why Corning (GLW) Is Still Worth Consideration

4/22/2014, 9:43 am from Martin Tillier in Investing, Investing Ideas, Stocks, Technology

Recently I have seen a whole rash of articles predicting doom and gloom for Corning ( GLW ), based on their role as the manufacturer and supplier of “Gorilla Glass.” Gorilla glass is the stuff… Read More


6 Green Stocks From Abroad For The Climate Change Investor

4/21/2014, 11:58 am from Kapitall in News Headlines, Technology, Investing Ideas, Stocks

Interested in playing global warming? Look overseas. The United States is not exactly a world leader when it comes to addressing climate change. Which is all the more troubling when new… Read More

Chris Ciaccia

Can Netflix Hit $500 Soon?

4/21/2014, 9:10 am from Chris Ciaccia in News Headlines, Technology, Stocks, Travel and Lifestyle

Netflix ( NFLX ) has had a rough start to 2014, as the stock has fallen 9.4% since the start of the year, far outpacing the NASDAQ. However, the company continues to show it's a force in home… Read More


Why The NeuStar Bears May Be Proven Wrong

4/18/2014, 8:51 am from SeekingAlpha in Investing, Technology

By Pedro de Noronha The stock price of NeuStar, Inc. ( NSR ) has been under attack over the last 3 quarters by the bears due to fears of a key contract's loss. In our view, the stock market… Read More

Private Sector Driving U.S. Wind Market Forward

4/17/2014, 8:20 am from in Investing, Commodities, Business, Technology

By Daniel J. Graeber for The onshore wind energy sector is booming in the United States, where there's enough of the renewable resource on hand to meet the annual demands for… Read More


Will Amazon's New Smartphone Feature 'Point & Shop?'

4/16/2014, 1:24 pm from Benzinga in News Headlines, Technology, Business, Travel and Lifestyle

Jim Probasco, Benzinga Staff Writer There are already indications that e-commerce giant, Amazon ( AMZN )’s entry into the smartphone market could be disruptive. Just how disruptive is not… Read More

Martin Tillier

Symantec (SYMC): Not Just A Bet On A Buyout

4/16/2014, 10:38 am from Martin Tillier in Investing, Investing Ideas, Stocks, Technology

Potential buyout targets are the Holy Grail of short term investing. Even the rumor of a company being a target can cause a significant jump in the stock price. That jump, in turn, can result in… Read More

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