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Portfolio Report Card: A Smartly Built $1.2 Million Investment Account

Trick question What does the optimal investment portfolio look like? Do you know? For example, is it the portfolio with the best performing 5 star rated fund managers of yesteryear? Is it the... Read >>


Portfolio Report Card: A $408,303 Retirement Account Stuck in First Gear

World class investment portfolios deliberately minimize taxes and investment costs. Likewise, a well built portfolio is handcrafted to perfectly match the unique investor personality of the... Read >>

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Kinder Morgan says goodbye to weird corporate structure and special tax status

The thing Wall Street loves more than anything else is when a company outsmarts its competitors and the taxman the thing Wall Street hates more than anything else is when that same company goes... Read >>

Jim Cahn

Does Your Wealth Manager Optimize For Taxes?

It's one thing to invest well and another thing to keep your profits, or at least as much as you legally can. One regularly scheduled event which can have a diminishing effect on returns is... Read >>

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Walgreen won't expatriate to avoid taxes – and Wall Street is enraged

There are rules in the finance game, and first among them is that a publicly traded company must, to maximize profits, do anything and everything that can be squared with the law. Walgreens (... Read >>

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In the news: Two big deals dropped, Walgreen decides to stay home and more

Wednesday headlines include Walgreens opting to forego tax inversion, Dollar General mulling a bid for Family Dollar, Fox dropping its bid for Time Warner, Sprint walking away from T Mobile and... Read >>

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S&P: Wealth disparity is bad for the economy

On Tuesday, S&P issued a report cutting its five year economic growth estimates for the US on the grounds that while income continues to rise for the top one percent, it is falling, in real... Read >>

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In the news: Earnings from CVS, Toyota and Office Depot and Blackberry finishes restructuring

Headlines for Tuesday morning include earnings from CVS, Toyota Motors and Office Depot, Blackberry finishing its restructuring plan and Walgreen's CFO leaving before the company decides on a... Read >>


Do I Have To Pay Tax On An Inherited IRA?

By Judy O'Connor for Dear Tax Talk, My father had an individual retirement account worth about $20,000 that I just inherited at his death. I'm told that now I will have... Read >>


When Job-Search Expenses Are Tax-Deductible

My daughter graduated from college in the spring and started her first job last month. She spent a lot of money on travel and other costs for her job search over the past few months. Are those... Read >>

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