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Kroger to Hire 20,000 Permanent Associates Across Stores - Analyst Blog

The Kroger Company ( KR ) plans to appoint 20,000 permanent associates across its supermarket divisions in order to tap growing opportunities and serve customers better. The grocery retailer... Read >>

W. R. Berkley Corp Continues to Gain Strength on New Units - Analyst Blog

On Sep 8, 2014, we issued an updated research report on W.R. Berkley Corporation ( WRB ). The reinsurer insurer reported second quarter 2014 core operating earnings of 82 cents per share, beating... Read >>

Gilead Down on Likely Sovaldi Generic Deal in Poor Nations - Analyst Blog

Shares of Gilead Sciences ( GILD ) dropped 1.4% to close the trading session on Sep 5 at $105.36 following a Bloomberg report claiming that the biopharmaceutical major will ink a licensing deal... Read >>

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Mobileye still looks good, but watch out for the hype-machine!

Just when I finally find a recent IPO stock that I really like, the market rips it away from me before I have a chance to spread the word, or even buy any in my own account.... Read >>

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Why Groupon, Inc. Stock Has Plunged 40% in 2014

Source Groupon. Three years ago, Groupon seemed to be on top of the world, riding the wave of interest in social media with its daily deals offerings that were the latest... Read >>

DISH Network Introduces ESPN Fantasy Football App - Analyst Blog

Customers of DISH Network Corp. ( DISH ) can now enjoy football fantasy stats on their TV screens, right in the comfort of their homes. The company will add an ESPN Fantasy Football app on DISH... Read >>

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3 Reasons RF Micro Devices' Stock Could Rise

RF Micro Devices , a supplier to smartphone vendors such as Apple and Samsung , has seen its stock rise nearly 150% in 2014. The company's most recent earnings report handily beat analyst... Read >>

SPX Corp.'s ClearSky System for Shenhua Ningxia Coal Plant - Analyst Blog

SPX Corporation ( SPW ) recently received a $50 million contract from China based Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group. Per the contact, SPX Corporation will supply ClearSky Plume Abatement Cooling... Read >>

Will Asset Managers See a Hiatus from SEC-Devised Rules? - Analyst Blog

Similar to the new regulatory and capital rules for the banks in the post crisis period, the asset management industry may also have to fulfill strict capital requirements. Per a Wall Street... Read >>

Is DISH Network Eyeing T-Mobile US Takeover Again? - Analyst Blog

Recently, Bloomberg reported that satellite TV operator DISH Network Corp. ( DISH ) once again expressed its interest to acquire T Mobile US Inc. ( TMUS ) and is presently in talks with Deutsche... Read >>