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3 Social Security Myths You Can't Afford to Believe

Source Office of the Inspector General, SSA. On its face, Social Security seems like a simple program. Workers pay Social Security taxes into the system that go to pay current retiree and... Read >>


The Toll Booth Businesses Of Visa And MasterCard

By Scuttlebutt Investor Business Overview Visa ( V ) and MasterCard ( MA ) both operate open loop payments networks. This is in comparison to companies like American Express ( AXP ) and Discover (... Read >>

Doves Rule: Your 2015 FOMC Starting Line-Up Makes BIG Shift - Real Time Insight

You know where I stand on the Bernanke Yellen Fed. They saved the the banking system and the economy because they understood the systemic and structural challenges ahead to save us from... Read >>

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Best States for Young Adults 2014

Young people see things differently from their elders. There have always been numerous reasons for this, but today one of the most prominent may be the challenging economic picture faced by... Read >>

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5 Smart Money Strategies From Around the World

Photo credit Claus Rebler . Columbus Day was celebrated throughout America on Monday, with many schools, public offices, and companies closing their doors to recognize Christopher Columbus,... Read >>

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Why Isn't Fitbit Jumping On Apple Inc.'s HealthKit Bandwagon?

Apple has convinced plenty of companies that HealthKit its unifying platform for fitness apps, wearable devices, and electronic health records will be the next big thing in mobile health.... Read >>

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5 Banking Fees That Are Actually Worth Paying

When it comes to finances, "fee" is a like a three letter bad word, the complete opposite of what personal finance is supposed to be all about saving money and not being penalized... Read >>

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Hedge Funds Say Oil Is Going to $0

Supply and demand are what typically fuel oil prices . However, market fundamentals aren't the only factors at play. Speculators, like hedge funds and other big money investors, play a role in... Read >>

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7 Smart Tips for Buying the Perfect Vacation Home

Vacation home sales are on the rise, and many investors are starting to see that vacation homes are a good, safe investment. I have put together a few tips that will help you along the buying... Read >>

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How Renewable Energy Could Leave You Mired in Blackouts

There are plenty of things to like about renewable power sources like solar and wind. However, these sources, on a large scale, are relatively new to the U.S. electric grid. That has major... Read >>