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Donate Life Insurance to a Charity or College

Perhaps you have a permanent life insurance policy that you no longer need. Sure, you can cash it out, but if you have altruistic inclinations, you can give the policy to your alma mater or a... Read >>

Joe Young

Follow These 4 Tips To Live Your Retirement On Your Own Terms

Though many Americans love their careers, it is safe to say that retirement is part of American culture, and tens of millions of American workers look forward to that glorious day. But one... Read >>


Planning to Pass On Your Family Business

Larry Berman spent most of last winter in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., perfecting his golf game and enjoying 85 degree days. Meanwhile, in snowy Newton, Mass., his 30 year old insurance adjusting... Read >>

Joe Young

Avoiding Scams That Target Retirement Savings

In recent years, many Americans have seen firsthand the way the stock market can go through its boom and bust cycles. But, far from watching as merely interested spectators, millions of... Read >>


Investors' Outrageous Expectations

By Sheyna Steiner for Talk to any investment adviser and they will tell you that nearly all their clients come in with one goal: to make as much money as possible without taking... Read >>


The Power of Filing and Suspending

A cynic might say that you know something must be good when the government sets its sights on it. President Obama's budget for 2015 "proposes to eliminate aggressive Social Security claiming... Read >>


Is Taking A Loan From Your 401(k) Found Money Or An Enormous Mistake?

By Andrew Comstock, CFA ; a financial advisor on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor. Taking out a loan against your 401(k) is often seen as a convenient way to pay off credit card debt, put a down... Read >>


To Love, Honor and Collect: You, Your Spouse and Social Security

As if you really needed another reason to thank your spouse, here it is When it comes to Social Security, your beloved's benefits could have a meaningful impact on your lifetime "take home... Read >>


10 Worst States For Retirees

By Chris Kahn for It's hard to be flexible on a fixed income. That's why some of America's prettiest, most vibrant locations are also some of the toughest on retirees.... Read >>


Free Money for Retirement

Even modest contributions to a savings plan could mean the difference between retiring comfortably and never being able to retire at all. The good news is that most big companies, and many small... Read >>

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