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Target Date Funds: Always Look Under the Hood

By J Kevin Stophel , a financial advisor on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor . Many investors seek a way to invest their capital wisely with a limited need for ongoing maintenance. Target date... Read >>


Market Theme and Strategy

Market Themes    The one that has really characterized financial markets over the last couple of years, and by financial markets I mean everything from Forex and Natural Gas to... Read >>


Taxes Matter In Retirement

By Kay Bell for If you're getting close to retirement, in addition to thinking about how to spend your well-earned leisure time, you also should be thinking about your taxes. ... Read >>


The 5 Quickest Ways to Trash Your Retirement Plan

By Nancy Hetrick , a financial advisor on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor . So you’ve worked hard and tried to be more fiscally responsible than the U.S. government, and in the back of your... Read >>


A Reality Check on Health Care Costs for Early Retirees

When you draw up a retirement spending budget, you're likely to account for utilities, car insurance and lawn care. But have you given the cost of health care a hard look, or are the numbers too... Read >>


5 Ways to Reduce Retiree Health Costs

I saw the report that 65 year old couples will need more than $200,000 for health care costs during retirement. Why is the amount so steep, and what can I do to lower these costs? Fidelity's... Read >>


10 Reasons You Will Never Retire

Retirement is the payoff at the end of a long career, the end game most workers are striving for. But these days, with corporate pensions disappearing (only 11% of Fortune 100 companies offered... Read >>


Cash Out Retirement Account To Quit Job?

By Liz Weston for Dear Liz, I have been working for the same organization for 17 years. I've accumulated $270,000 in my 403(b) account. I have a resort property on which I... Read >>


Should You Sell Mutual Funds To Buy ETFs?

By Chris Kissell for American workers save and invest for decades, all in hopes of having enough money to retire one day. But when work finally ends, a new concern typically... Read >>


Delaying Required Minimum Distributions from Roth 401(k)s

I will turn 70½ in a few years. Is it true that I have to start taking required minimum distributions from my Roth 401(k)? Is there any way to avoid the withdrawals? You generally do not have to... Read >>

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