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Claim a Benefit From an Ex-Spouse

Breaking up is hard to do, but you and your ex spouse could end up with a lifelong connection your ex's Social Security benefits. If you were married at least ten years, you could be eligible for... Read >>

Joe Young

Don't Chase Returns with Your Retirement Account

Those who wish to once they retire and live off of the savings they accumulated over their lifetimes have many different considerations to keep in mind. Factors such as how long they will live,... Read >>


Leaving a Collection to Your Heirs

Do you collect vintage radios, 19th century dolls or perhaps African sculptures? It may take some expert help to work out how to pass the pieces to your heirs. Parents' collectibles can hold... Read >>


Should I Open a myRA account?

If you've heard of President Obama's plan to encourage more Americans to save for retirement, you may be wondering if you should hop on board and open one of the new government-sponsored... Read >>


When a Spouse Inherits an IRA

A spouse who inherits an IRA has a choice. The surviving spouse can move the account into an inherited IRA to keep the tax shelter. Or she can choose to roll the account into her own IRA. The... Read >>


Saving for Retirement Advice From Around the Web

April is Financial Literacy Month, so it's a good reminder to review how much you know about managing your money. Chances are you might be making some mistakes. For example, a recent T.Rowe Price... Read >>

Joe Young

Retirement at 50 - Not Just for the Financial Overachiever

Often times, when talking to people over 50 years old, it can seem like their primary reason for working is to one day be able to retire. Many 50+ year olds have achieved most of their financial... Read >>


Disability Benefits on a Fast Track

It used to be that some people with serious disabilities would die before the Social Security Administration finally got around to reviewing their applications for disability benefits. Today,... Read >>


Making Catch-Up Contributions for Retirement

I turn 50 in September. Can I start making catch up contributions to my 401(k) and IRA now, or do I have to wait until after my birthday? It doesn't matter when your birthday is. You can make... Read >>


The $9,701 Cup of Coffee: Rethinking Retirement Planning

We tend to think about retirement, naturally enough, in terms of saving. And as we get closer to the day we plan to retire, we start to think about retirement spending or at least we... Read >>

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