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Peter Kohli

Emerging Markets: More Thoughts on What Expats Can Teach Us About Investing

In Part 1 of this article discussing the four Central American countries  where expats from the United States have decided to move, my focus was on Panama and Costa Rica. I now turn my... Read >>


Get Free Expert Retirement Advice on December 11

Saving for retirement is no small deal the last thing you want to do in your golden years is discover too late that your nest egg is insufficient. With this great personal responsibility comes... Read >>


8 Steps For Managing Parents' Finances

By Teri Cettina for The need to take over your parents' financial life, especially if it happens suddenly, can be extremely stressful. However, if you approach it one step at... Read >>


Your 401(k): It’s About Retirement First, Investing Second

If you compare your current 401(k) menu options against what your plan offered ten or fifteen years ago, you are sure to notice something there are far fewer choices. That may be frustrating if... Read >>

Joe Young

Six Facts About Social Security

Social Security is at its roots an “ inter-generational transfer of wealth. ” Love it or hate it, Social Security is a fact of American life that, despite many loud and disgruntled opinions... Read >>

David Fabian

Tips for Rebalancing Your ETF Portfolio

The final month of the year is upon us and many ETF investors are likely considering making changes to their holdings as a result of annual rebalancing, required minimum distributions, or a... Read >>


Snowbird Costs We Didn't Consider

By Jennie L. Phipps for This is our second year of snowbirding; we live half the year in Michigan and half in South Florida. When we made the decision on this living arrangement,... Read >>


Women Retire Worried

By Jennie L. Phipps for Saving for retirement is a challenge for many women -- in all parts of the world -- according to a recent report by the nonprofit Transamerica Center for... Read >>


Public Pensions Sock Social Security Benefits

Workers who held jobs in both the private and public sectors over their careers could be in for a shock when it comes time to claim Social Security. If you get a government pension, the Social... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

2 Vanguard ETFs for Steady Retirement Income

By David Fabian, FMD Capital Management When most investors begin planning for a steady income stream in retirement, they tend to gravitate toward fixed-income as a predominant asset class.... Read >>

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