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Manage Your Health Records Online

Doctors and hospitals traditionally have been the gatekeepers of patients' medical records. That's changing as a growing number of digital tools place these records at consumers' fingertips.... Read >>


How Much You Really Need to Retire

Read the headlines about retirement readiness and you'd think that at least half of us had forgotten to go to class, do our homework or study for one of the biggest tests of our lives. When exam... Read >>


Prepare to Retire With a Gift Annuity

Charitable gift annuities have long been a popular way for older retirees with philanthropic intent to create a lifetime income stream while getting a nice tax deduction. Today, a new twist on the... Read >>


Three Reasons You Will Never Retire

You want to retire someday, right? That's supposed to be the payoff for putting in all those years at work. But these days, with corporate pensions disappearing and lifespans on the rise,... Read >>


Smile! You Can Retire

Here's a tantalizing prospect Suppose you really do have enough money to retire. That's not the message we usually get from downbeat commentators, but it's the refreshing perspective senior editor... Read >>

Joe Young

Refinancing Your Home: A Beginner's Guide

Unless there is some sort of emergency financial need, most homeowners don’t think about refinancing their home. They may be making their monthly payments on time with no problems, and are... Read >>


Social Security and a Pension? Lucky! (or Maybe Just Confused)

If you are among those Americans whose work history qualifies them for both Social Security retirement benefits and a government pension, there are two rules of which you may (and definitely... Read >>


Create a Plan for a Meaningful Retirement

When it comes to your nest egg, you made all the right decisions, saving enough to turn your retirement dreams into reality. But as the big day approaches, you realize you've forgotten to answer a... Read >>


The Key to Living Happily Ever After in Retirement

It's been your longtime retirement dream to move to Provence for six months a year. Did you realize that your spouse has another idea in mind opening a small shop in town? As you and your spouse... Read >>


When to Change Your Investment Strategy

While you may not have the investing prowess of a Warren Buffett, you should know when to switch up your investment strategy. Many newcomers to investing simply pick a few funds to invest in and... Read >>

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