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The Pros and Cons of Cash Balance Pension Plans

Amid all the talk of pension plans' demise, one type of defined benefit plan is growing fast. The trend may be a boon for older business owners who are behind on retirement savings but it can also... Read >>


Beware Financial Sales Pitches That Come With a Free Meal

Like many people over 50, I regularly receive invitations to seminars held at pricey local restaurants. Typically, these invitations offer a free lunch or dinner along with a presentation on how... Read >>


The Fall Financial Fitness Test: Would You Pass?

By Richard M. Rosso, MS, CFP, CIMA , a financial advisor on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor . Fall’s cooler weather is an opportunity to harvest smart money habits and shed the bad ones,... Read >>


It's Time for Medicare Open Enrollment

Falling leaves and pumpkins are a sign of autumn and, yes, of Medicare open enrollment, too. As the season's chore list grows, you may be tempted to stick with your current Medicare Advantage or... Read >>

Martin Tillier

GLD Is In Buy Territory, But This Time Be Prepared

Those who have read these musings in the past will be aware that there are certain themes to which I regularly return. I like to be somewhat contrarian as simple logic dictates that when... Read >>


Calculating Required Distributions From Your Retirement Accounts

I'm 71 and need to take my required minimum distribution from my former employer's 401(k) by the December 31 deadline. Do I have to calculate how much to withdraw, or will the plan do it... Read >>


Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

I read your Retirement Plans for Self Employed Workers column about SEPs and solo 401(k)s. Who should consider a SIMPLE, and what are the contribution limits? A SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

5 REITs That Continually Raise the Dividend Roof

By Charles Sizemore, Editor, Macro Trend Investor Over the course of his hockey career, Wayne Gretzky repeated several variations of a truly fantastic quote: “I skate where the puck is going... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Don't Let Headlines Dictate Your Investment Choices

Over the last few days, California pension funds have been in the news. The most publicity has been given to the decision to “pull out of hedge funds” by the giant California Public Employees... Read >>


When to Start Making Catch-Up Retirement Contributions

I turn 50 in January. Can I make a catch up contribution to my IRA for 2014, after my birthday, because I'll be 50 before the April 15 deadline? Or do I have to wait until 2015 to start... Read >>

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