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Joe Young

10 Financial Resolutions to Keep In the New Year

As the calendar nears the end of its final page, New Year’s resolutions once more become a conversational go-to. Not just fodder for water cooler chat or office party banter, New Year’s... Read >>


Why Social Security Isn't Going Away

Stephen Goss is chief actuary of the Social Security Administration. KIPLINGER'S What do you say to people who worry that Social Security won't be around when they reach retirement age? GOSS The... Read >>


6 Ways to Fix Social Security

Despite dire predictions, partisan disputes and a natural tendency to procrastinate, Congress is not about to let Social Security go south. And when it does decide to fix the social insurance... Read >>


When You Should Sign Up for Medicare

I will be 65 soon. When do I sign up for Medicare? You can enroll in Medicare as early as three months before the month you turn 65 and up to three months after the month you turn 65.... Read >>


7 Steps To Retirement Happiness

By Jennie L. Phipps for For many people, happiness and satisfaction with their lifestyle are byproducts of retirement. A whopping 72 percent of retirees said they were... Read >>


Silver Lining for the Social Security Earnings Test

Working longer could strengthen your retirement security. But if you go back to work after filing for Social Security, it could also reduce your benefits. Social Security beneficiaries who... Read >>


6 Ways to Fix Social Security

Here's the problem with Social Security the money coming in is no longer enough to pay full benefits. Workers currently pay into the system through a payroll tax of 6.2% on up to $118,500 of... Read >>


Married and need your Social Security before age 70? What to do

For more on Social Security Spousal Benefits visit our Retirement Center  and check out Rob's post about joint collection strategies . Rob Kron, Managing Director, is the head of Investment... Read >>


Solo 401(k) Plan To Save Investors Thousands Of Dollars In Fees And Charges

According to a recent survey by investment advisory firm Rebalance IRA, 46% of people surveyed thought their 401(k) accounts do not cost them anything. In addition, 19% of the group thought the... Read >>


Deadlines for Retirement-Plan Contributions in 2014

Is it too late to contribute to my retirement savings plan for 2014? S.U., via e mail The deadline for contributing to a 401(k), 403(b) or other employer retirement plan is December 31.... Read >>

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