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Jim Robinson

How Spanish Publishers Could Lose Even More Google News Traffic

Google News recently shut down in Spain Image credit: Flick user  Juanedc Following Google Inc.’s (GOOG) shutdown of Google News in Spain , Spanish news publishers are experiencing a... Read >>

Emerging Money

Riding Dow’s Roller Coaster

CNBC's Dominic Chu reports on stocks that lost and capitalized on big market swings as the Dow heads towards 18,000. ... Read >>

Emerging Money

Is the ruble undervalued yet?

Russia's currency briefly surpassed the Ukrainian Hryvnia as the world's worst performing currency year to date this week, but it isn't clear whether the ruble is undervalued. The ruble... Read >>

Peter Kohli

Will Emerging Markets Underperform in 2015? Possibly

“A cheap price-to-earnings ratio may be enticing, but slow growth in China should stop emerging markets investors in their tracks.” So writes Dimitra DeFotis in her article in Barron’s titled ,... Read >>

Jim Cahn

Three Ways The Shrinking U.S. Trade Deficit Should Prompt You To Rethink Your Portfolio

“They took our jobs!” was a rallying cry of many who saw their jobs displaced by the growth of global outsourcing that started in the early 1990s and lasted until the Great Recession. Today, the... Read >>

Peter Kohli

Myanmar's Foreign Investment And What It Means For Retail Investors

During the first eight months of 2014, Myanmar received about $3.8 billion in Foreign Direct Investment. Most of the money came through Singapore which is used by companies as a conduit; however,... Read >>

Martin Tillier

History Suggests Caution On Russia Is Justified

Watching the recent problems in Russia, and particularly the spectacular collapse of the Ruble, has brought back many memories. Late in 1996 I was asked by the forex company that I worked for in... Read >>

More To Ruble's Collapse Than Meets The Eye

By Colin Chilcoat for The ruble is dying, and fast. In what is now being dubbed ‘Black Monday’ the ruble’s value to the dollar dropped nearly 15 percent. Tuesday brought no... Read >>

Emerging Money

Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call December 17

Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call December 17 On the call today we look at how Russia ( RSX , quote ) has rallied and where the ruble at one point was up 25%. ... Read >>


The Russia, Mexico & OPEC Failed Agreement on Production Cuts was Short Sighted

Vienna Short-Term Greed  Remember several weeks ago when oil was still trading around $75 a barrel, and OPEC was deciding upon a Production cut and Russia and Mexico went to Vienna and a... Read >>

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