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China Is Back!

We have made plenty of noise about the improving China ( FXI , quote ) macro and the stimulus that is being dripped into the economy (the latter helping the prior) and now it seems that the... Read >>

Emerging Money

Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call July 28

Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call July 28 On the call today we get into the global backdrop for the week which contains a lot of macro data and lot of Fed activity along with... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Monday, July 28: Tension Between U.S. And Israel On The Rise

With the fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants temporarily on hold due to a 24 hour pledge to stop the fighting, many are criticizing U.S. Secretary for State John Kerry for being... Read >>

Jim Cahn

Dour Outlook For Brazil May Be Exaggerated: A Contrarian Take

With the World Cup having put it in the spotlight, Brazil is getting a lot of critical attention, including reports that the country is unprepared to host the 2016 Olympics. Between those two... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Friday, July 25: Russia Accused Of Actively Engaging Ukraine

On Thursday, the US accused Russia of firing across its border in an attempt to take out Ukrainian military posts in what are the most serious allegations that Moscow is fueling the conflict in... Read >>

Emerging Money

Trade Update – EWZ

I wanted to provide a quick market update on the Brazilian ETF position I suggested on Monday. For those that followed we are well on our way to our first take profit level. Price action... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Thursday, July 24: Facebook Proves Its Worth

Facebook's better than expected earnings report helped the stock push to record highs on Wednesday. Helped by exceedingly strong mobile and ad revenue, Facebook's profits more than doubled and... Read >>


First Trust Expands Its ETF Lineup With An International Focus

Earlier this year, First Trust launched a unique momentum based strategy that selects five underlying sector or industry ETFs according to a relative strength ranking system.  This index was... Read >>

Emerging Money

Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call July 23

Emerging Money Daily Audio Preview Call July 23 Emerging markets flat effectively holding serve against the S&P spread basis but on today's call we will talk about Turkish ( TUR , quote )... Read >>

Eagle Financial Publications

The Global Guru: Are You Crazy to Invest in Russia?

“Are you crazy...?” That was the reaction I got from a London investor I spoke with at a recent summer drinks party. I had made the mistake of revealing that I thought it was a good time to... Read >>

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