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When to Trust (and Pay) Bills From Medical Providers

By Martine G. Brousse a financial advisor on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor . One observation I routinely made as a billing manager, and still notice while auditing my clients' medical... Read >>

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These stocks will tear investors apart in the coming correction

I try not to play guru, because it's silly, and it's a lie. I don't know when the next market correction will come, but come it will, because that's how the market works. I do know that... Read >>


How to Survive a 10% Correction

Stock market corrections are an inevitable part of investing. Since 1932, declines of 10% to 20% (the traditional definition of a correction) have occurred an average of every two years, according... Read >>


What's Driving the Boom in Bonds

When the unexpected happens, it deserves an explanation. Arguably, the biggest surprise in financial markets this year is the strong performance of bonds. You may recall that bond prices fell... Read >>


The Five Best Stock Funds to Own Now

The investing world is full of surprises. Consider emerging markets. Many investors finally threw in the towel on developing markets stocks a few months ago after several years of lousy returns,... Read >>

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Travel Insurance: Is It Worth The Cost?

Is there anything better than knowing you're about to go on a trip? A study has actually found that planning and anticipating a vacation is the most enjoyable part of the process. There are... Read >>

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A guide to understanding long-term disability insurance

Many of us do not always recognize the potential danger of becoming permanently disabled. The U.S. Census says that you have about a 1 out of 5 chance of becoming disabled for at least some... Read >>


Financial Apps You Can Wear

For those who can't track their banking or investments closely enough, the world of wearable technology offers solutions. Google Glass, a hands free computer worn on the user's face like a pair of... Read >>


Great Dividend Mutual Funds

Funds that hold dividend paying stocks aren't just a safer harbor in troubled times. The best of these mutual funds offer exposure to some of the strongest companies and some of the steadiest... Read >>

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Buy these stocks for growth at great values

There are two things every investor ought to seek out when choosing which stocks to put into his or her portfolio. The first is growth, and the second is an affordable price. If you can spot... Read >>

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