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Best Online Brokers

Investing through an online broker is a slam dunk It's easy and fees are reasonable. The hard part is zeroing in on the broker that's right for you. We surveyed 10 firms and analyzed each... Read >>


A Top Economist's Financial Rules to Live By

Kiplinger's spoke with Alan Krueger, a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University and author of Explorations in Economics, about common money misthaps. Here's an excerpt... Read >>


How Will Fracking Affect Your Homeowners Insurance?

By Alice Holbrook for NerdWallet The method of natural gas drilling known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” has caused controversy across the U.S. Advocates argue that it promises... Read >>


6 Dividend Stocks With Above-Average Yields

Looking for that elusive investment income? Here are six dividend paying stocks with above average yields and the likelihood of reliable payments. These stable companies are spread across industry... Read >>


7 Best Dividend Stocks of the Dow

After last year's spectacular stock market rally, many investors have relearned this year that share price gains aren't guaranteed. That should foster a new appreciation for cash dividends ... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

In the news: Facebook earnings, AT&T facing a lawsuit over throttling and more

Wednesday headlines include Facebook planning more spending, AT&T facing a lawsuit related to throttling of data plans, Sanofi firing its CEO, Gilead reporting slowing sales of Sovaldi and... Read >>


A Short-Term Bond Fund That Stands Out

It has been a surprisingly good year for bonds. Yields have fallen when most experts expected them to rise. But with interest rates still exceptionally low, the risks of owning bonds are great... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

In the news: Aetna beats and raises, Apple responds to Apple Pay detractors and more

Tuesday headlines include Aetna beating earnings estimates, Apple responding to retailers shutting down Apple Pay, Alibaba's Ma saying he'd be open to working with Apple on payments, and... Read >>


Brighter Outlook for Artisan Value Fund

Artisan Value's (symbol ARTLX ) three year results look impressive on the surface. Dig deeper, however, and you'll see that the fund lags the broad market and ranks behind 79% of all funds that... Read >>


5 Low-Risk Funds for a Volatile Stock Market

On October 15, the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 460 points by early afternoon, then rose nearly 300 points to finish the day with a loss of "only" 173 points. Two days later, the... Read >>

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