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The Perils of Penny Stocks

Paul Allen understands all too well the pitfalls of purchasing penny stocks . Last spring, Allen, a 65 year old retiree from Boston, invested in Vapor Hub International (symbol VHUB ) after... Read >>


2 Surprising Bargain Stocks for Value Investors

Ouch I was prepared for some volatility when I invested in a skin care company that relies on direct selling. But I really didn't expect to get skinned alive so soon after I bought the stock. For... Read >>


The 7 Best ETFs for Dividends

Just how important are stock dividends? Over the long haul, these cash payouts have accounted for about 30% of overall U.S. market returns. In periods of poor performance, they've played an even... Read >>


Stocks for Cashing in on the Online Travel Boom

"Travel agent" hasn't yet joined the list of jobs that have faded into memory, such as "carriage operator" and "gas station attendant." The stunning success of the... Read >>

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In the news: DISH protests Comcast deal, Apple making a bigger iPad and more

Wednesday headlines include Dish Network protesting Comcast's merger with Time Warner, Orbits loses two big airlines, Apple making a larger iPad, AT&T combining its wireless and business... Read >>


Settling Debts With an IRA

My stepbrother died intestate, and as the appointed executor of his estate, I have to settle his debts. He has about $9,000 in his IRA and debts of $7,500. Can I use the IRA to pay the debts?... Read >>


Why You Shouldn't Put All Your Money in Index Funds

Among mutual fund analysts, John Rekenthaler is one of the best. A Morningstar veteran, he writes a regular, must read column. So I was surprised to read the first sentences of a recent piece... Read >>


I'll Beat the Market Yet

For a few glorious moments the other day, the total return since inception of my Practical Investing portfolio surpassed that of its benchmark, Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (symbol VTI ).... Read >>


Juice Up Your Cash Returns

The name of this column includes the word cash, but it seems like forever since I last discussed the green stuff. The reason is plain. The average money market fund pays 0.01%, and three month... Read >>


10 Worst ETFs

When SPDR S&P 500 ETF, the first exchange traded fund, made its debut in 1993, Whitney Houston topped the charts, shoppers were snapping up Beanie Babies and Cheers was in its final season.... Read >>

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