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How to Battle Rising Insurance Premiums

Home insurance premiums go up – it's just a fact. But unlike when bacon prices or cable television rates go up, you don't have to just take it. The good news: You can take a number of... Read >>


Best Vanguard Funds for Your 401(k)

the nation's 101 most popular funds in 401(k) plansA little over one third of the big Vanguard retirement plan products are index funds, a concept with which the firm is synonymous. Also prominent... Read >>


101 Most Popular 401(k) Funds for Retirement Savings

Americans have $4.4 trillion invested in 401(k)s, according to the Investment Company Institute, making these tax deferred savings accounts a vital part of retirement planning for many.... Read >>


Warren Buffett's Best Dividend Stocks

When it comes to dividends, Warren Buffett is happy to collect them but not to pay them. His holding company, Berkshire Hathaway (symbol BRK B ), has never paid out any of its profits to... Read >>


Consolidate Your Individual Retirement Accounts

For most investors, the answer is yes. Putting all of your IRAs under one roof offers a number of advantages, starting with potential lower costs. Combining your accounts may ensure you avoid low... Read >>


Understanding Capital Gains and Losses

What's a Capital Gain?A capital gain is what the tax law calls the profit when you sell a capital asset, which is property such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares or property. The profit is your... Read >>


What to Ask a Financial Adviser

Financial advisers and planners attend seminars and classes and read books so they can learn how to win your business or, if you're already their client, to "deepen the relationship."... Read >>


An Attractive Time to Invest in TIPS

You know that the best time to buy health insurance is before you get sick. So why not insure your portfolio against rising prices while inflation expectations are low? U.S. consumer prices... Read >>


Actively Managed Funds That Won in 2014

As has been widely noted, the past year has been a rough one for actively managed stock funds. In particular, only 13% of funds that focus on large company domestic stocks beat the 13.7% return of... Read >>


The Best Vanguard Funds for Income

With interest rates remaining stubbornly low, keeping fees on your income investments down is more important than ever. So word that Vanguard Group, the industry's cost leader, is expanding its... Read >>

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