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What Middle East Tensions Mean for Oil Prices & Equity Portfolios

With turmoil in the Middle East dominating headlines, many investors are wondering what the recent and growing unrest in the region means for oil prices and for equity portfolios. In my new... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Friday, August 15: Nouri al-Maliki Steps Down

Markets let out a sigh of relief on Thursday after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki agreed to step aside and relinquish his title. Maliki had many worried as earlier this week he deployed... Read >>

Easing Geopolitical Worries Likely To Offset Europe's Weak GDP & Soft Retail Earnings - Economic Highlights

The weak GDP report out of Europe and more soft retail sector earnings reports are today's major developments. But stocks are indicated to open modestly in the green, likely reflecting easing... Read >>

Will Market React To Soft Retail Sales & Weak Japanese Reading? - Economic Highlights

Stocks are indicated to open in the positive, bucking the overwhelmingly negative tone of this morning's data ranging from the soft U.S. retail sales report to a weak read from the Japanese... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Wednesday, August 13: Tension Spreads Through Baghdad As Maliki Refuses To Step Aside

On Tuesday, the US sent 130 additional troops to Iraq to help free a group of Iraqi citizens who have been trapped on Mount Sinjar by Islamic State militants. However, while the US worked to get... Read >>


The Politics of the Election Cycle and Policy Spin

Political Spin   The Republicans are coming out in force on their criticism of President Obama`s decision to utilize primarily air strikes to thwart ISIS aggression in Iraq towards the... Read >>


College and Pro Football Season Big Boost to U.S. Economy

Thank Goodness for Football Season    This weekend we got our first chance to see Johnny Manziel in a Cleveland Browns preseason game and the college football teams are in camp as we... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Tuesday, August 12: NATO Reports 'High Probability' Of Russian Invasion

Despite warnings from Western leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that he was sending a convoy of humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine. Many are worried that Putin is... Read >>


The Bottom Is In For Treasuries

Russian Invasion Tension   It occurred Friday morning while most traders were asleep in illiquid markets where the 10-Year was forced down to basically 2.35% in Yield first on Ukraine... Read >>

Geopolitical Tensions Offset Posite Q2 Earnings - Economic Highlights

Geopolitical concerns have been dominating the headlines lately, distracting investors from the overall favorable picture emerging from Q2 earnings season. Early sentiment today is pointing... Read >>

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