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Geopolitical Tensions Offset Posite Q2 Earnings - Economic Highlights

Geopolitical concerns have been dominating the headlines lately, distracting investors from the overall favorable picture emerging from Q2 earnings season. Early sentiment today is pointing... Read >>

Olson Global Markets

The Case For Lower U.S. Treasury Yields

Despite a better-than-expected weekly jobs report, lower energy prices, a rise in the July ISM non-manufacturing index to 58.7% from 56% and a largely upbeat earnings season for Q2, yields on... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Why Are Americans Saving So Little?

The common perception is that the personal savings rate is half of the savings rate in the 1950's, 1960's, and the 1970's. This perception is true and misleading. Personal saving as... Read >>

Geopolitical Concerns Dent Investors Sentiment - Economic Highlights

Stocks are on track to open higher, but a growing list of geopolitical concerns are driving investor sentiment and market action. The Iraq situation is grabbing headlines, but Russia remains the... Read >>


The “Great Deleveraging” that Never Happened: Why the US Still Has a Debt Problem

Tell a lie often enough and people start to believe it. For several years, media headlines have been filled with references to a "deleveraging," or a reduction in the level of U.S.... Read >>


The US Needs to Stop Meddling in Russia-Ukraine Politics

West Point Speech & Foreign Policy Philosophy   It is ironic that President Obama in his West Point speech Ivideo here ) posited that the US couldn`t be the world`s police, and... Read >>


Inflation Adjusted Bond Prices Tell Different Story on Relative Value

One of the arguments for why US Bonds are such an attractive investment even at these low yields is that relative to European Bonds the US Treasuries provide such a higher yield, but this... Read >>

Favorable U.S. Jobless Claims And A Huge Bank Settlement Provides Reassurance To The Market - Economic Highlights

Interest rate decisions out of Europe, a favorable U.S. Jobless Claims report, and reports of a huge bank settlement provide a reassuring backdrop for today's trading action. Stocks are broadly... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Thursday, August 7: Russia Set To Release A List Of Banned Goods

In response to tougher sanctions from the EU and the U.S., Russia has announced a ban on food products from both regions. The list of items that will be shut out is expected to be released later... Read >>

Soft Economic Data From Europe Raises Concerns Over Eurozone - Economic Highlights

Stocks appear on track to start today's session in the red again, with soft economic data out of Europe raising doubts about the region's economic outlook. Threatening moves by Russia in its... Read >>

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