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Three Investing Implications of an Uneven Global Economy

As last week's non farm payroll report illustrated, the recovery both in and outside the United States remains a grudging, disappointing one. That said, it's still a recovery, albeit an... Read >>

Markets Looking To End Week Modestly In Red - Economic Highlights

Stocks aren't expected to do much in today's session, with the major indexes appearing on track to finish the week modestly in the red, the first negative finish in more than month. Concerns about... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Employment Growth Is Strengthening - NOT!!!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly Job's Situation is one of the most awaited reports. Pundits (including members of the Federal Reserve) talk about being in an employment strengthening... Read >>

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Stocks are down but trend is mixed

After the Open... Stocks opened lower this morning then rose slowly for a time, but are now falling again. Initial unemployment claims were higher than expected, but not by much (315K instead of... Read >>

Uncertain Middle Eastern Situation May Affect Markets' Momentum - Economic Highlights

Pre market sentiment is indicating a weak open for today's session, weighed down by Fed and geopolitical concerns. The geopolitical issue reflects concerns the country's seemingly open ended... Read >>


Why Infrastructure Could Be the Next Big Investment Opportunity

Have you ever driven up I 95 on a weekend?  Tried living in Los Angeles without a car?  Taken a train directly to JFK airport?  Oh, wait you couldn't even do that last one, because it doesn't... Read >>

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Sales are down at McDonald's – and why shouldn't they be?

McDonald's ( MCD ) doesn't release its third quarter 2014 earnings report until October 21, but the large chain also issues a monthly sales report, and the report released on Tuesday was... Read >>

Markets Suffering From Lack of Catalysts - Economic Highlights

Pre open sentiment is indicating a modestly lower open for today's session a day after the no news weak session. We will most likely see a repeat performance today, as investors start factoring in... Read >>


A Global Growth Slowdown?

Following five years of an uneven, disappointing and often erratic recovery, investors can be forgiven for a certain level of paranoia when it comes to economic growth. Each year is forecasted... Read >>

Stocks Appear to Remain Steady - Economic Highlights

Stocks aren't expected to do much in another data light session, which will put the spotlight on Apple's ( AAPL ) big event later today. Stocks were modestly down on Monday, but still remain above... Read >>

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