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#PreMarket Primer: Monday, July 28: Tension Between U.S. And Israel On The Rise

With the fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants temporarily on hold due to a 24 hour pledge to stop the fighting, many are criticizing U.S. Secretary for State John Kerry for being... Read >>


Three Big Picture Shifts Worth Paying Attention to

In today's era of increasingly abundant information, separating truly meaningful market signals from the mountains of daily noise has never been more challenging, or more vital for investment... Read >>

Q2 Earnings Season Seems To Be Reassuring - Economic Highlights

Stocks are indicated to start today's session modestly in the red after steady gains over the last few days. Corporate profits remain in the spotlight with the 2014 Q2 season in full swing. The... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Why Is the Consumer Not Supporting the Economy?

Last week  my post concentrated  on prime interest rates' relationship with the economy - and showed there was a general lack correlation between economic growth and the prime... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Are you slowly getting poorer? The numbers may surprise you

IncomeAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau , the inflation adjusted median annual household income has gone up in the past 30 years, from $46K in 1984 to $52 in 2013, so if your family is... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Are you slowly getting poorer? The numbers may surprise you

We keep hearing about the widening gap between the very rich and everyone else, as if life were improving for one percent of Americans, and growing harder for everyone else. But is that really... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Friday, July 25: Russia Accused Of Actively Engaging Ukraine

On Thursday, the US accused Russia of firing across its border in an attempt to take out Ukrainian military posts in what are the most serious allegations that Moscow is fueling the conflict in... Read >>

Positive Jobs Data And Reassuring Q2 Earnings Season Provide Market's Backdrop - Economic Highlights

Positive news out of China and Europe and the reassuring picture emerging from the Q2 earnings season will likely help maintain the stock market's momentum. The big drop in initial Jobless Claims... Read >>


What to do When the Market Doesn’t Believe the Fed

As an investor, you may or may not pay much attention to every statement issued from the Federal Reserve, but I wanted to highlight how key points from Janet Yellen's latest Congressional... Read >>


Markets Mixed; PepsiCo Q2 Earnings Beat Street View

Following the market opening Wednesday, the Dow traded down 0.23 percent to 17,073.50 while the NASDAQ surged 0.22 percent to 4,465.77. The S&P also rose, gaining 0.05 percent to 1,984.47. ... Read >>

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