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Venezuela, Ignored By OPEC, Seeks Oil-price Relief Elsewhere

By Andy Tully for Venezuela, openly frustrated by Saudi Arabia’s refusal to support a cut in crude production, is reaching out beyond OPEC to discuss ways to stop the recent... Read >>

Will Positive Momentum Sustain? - Economic Highlights

Stocks aren't expected to show yesterday's positive momentum at the open, but the Fed minutes coming out later this afternoon should serve as a catalyst. On the data front, we got a mixed housing... Read >>

Peter Kohli

South Africa: No Longer An Investment Gem

Of the old BRICS countries, only one, India, has broken free of that silly acronym and chosen the road to prosperity. As for the other - we know what happened to Brazil  recently, and of... Read >>


How Positive Housing Numbers Are Helping 2 ETFs Break Out

The U.S. homebuilders' confidence handed the economy positive news this week as sales expectations and buyer traffic improved. The National Association of Homebuilders ( NAHB ) Index rose to 58... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Worry Shifts To Japan

Traders, by disposition and training, do not worry about the past. When a trade is closed out, whether for a profit or loss, they banish it from their minds and move onto the next one.... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

The 3 Best ETFs for Mid-Cap Growth

By Lawrence Meyers, InvestorPlace Contributor What exactly is the “best” when it comes to finding the best exchange-traded funds? The answer depends on your criteria. Some may say that the... Read >>

Favorable German Data Looking To Boost Investor Confidence - Economic Highlights

Stocks aren't expected to behave much differently than they did yesterday, though sentiment on global growth should be a bit better today following positive data out of Germany. On the home front,... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Two Ways To Play A Potential Breakout In BTC/USD

As I write, Bitcoin against the U.S. Dollar (BTC/USD) is poised at levels that could decide the direction of the currency pair for the next few weeks, maybe even longer. BTC/USD rallied last week... Read >>

Peter Kohli

India's Narenda Modi, the Rock Star

On September 30th I was interviewed on CCTV America  about the upcoming visit to the US by India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. I ended the interview by calling Mr. Modi a rock star,... Read >>


Are Japanese ETFs Telling Of A Recession?

The news of Japan's economy contracting for the second consecutive quarter came as a surprise to economists who predicted an expansion following boosted quantitative easing efforts. The increase... Read >>

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