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Favorable U.S. Jobless Claims And A Huge Bank Settlement Provides Reassurance To The Market - Economic Highlights

Interest rate decisions out of Europe, a favorable U.S. Jobless Claims report, and reports of a huge bank settlement provide a reassuring backdrop for today's trading action. Stocks are broadly... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Thursday, August 7: Russia Set To Release A List Of Banned Goods

In response to tougher sanctions from the EU and the U.S., Russia has announced a ban on food products from both regions. The list of items that will be shut out is expected to be released later... Read >>

Soft Economic Data From Europe Raises Concerns Over Eurozone - Economic Highlights

Stocks appear on track to start today's session in the red again, with soft economic data out of Europe raising doubts about the region's economic outlook. Threatening moves by Russia in its... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Wednesday, August 6: Sprint Prepares To Go It Alone

After months of negotiations to take over T Mobile, Sprint has decided to build up its subscriber base and compete with the likes of Verizon and AT&T on its own. At a board meeting on Tuesday,... Read >>


Jackson Hole Will Signal Hawkish Tone for Financial Markets

Jackson Hole Agenda   The annual Jackson Hole economic symposium, a three-day conference in Wyoming begins on Aug. 21 with the official topic of “Re-evaluating Labor Market Dynamics.”... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

S&P: Wealth disparity is bad for the economy

On Tuesday, S&P issued a report cutting its five year economic growth estimates for the US on the grounds that while income continues to rise for the top one percent, it is falling, in real... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Markets At Critical Levels

Despite the obvious advantages of sensationalism for a writer in the internet age, I generally try to avoid it. I believe that when you write every day, maintaining that every opinion is “vital”... Read >>

Improvement In Earnings Front Reassuring In Periods Of Fed Worries - Economic Highlights

The market had a good day on Monday and appears on track to start today's session on modestly down note. The service sector ISM survey coming out after the market's open will likely set the tone... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Tuesday, August 5: Gaza Truce Begins, Long Road Ahead

The conflict in Gaza took its first step towards a lasting resolution on Tuesday as Israel pulled back its ground troops and a 72 hour truce with Hamas began. The conflict has killed more than... Read >>


How To Rip Off A Country, Espirito Santo Style

By Frances Coppola In my latest post at Pieria , I took a hard look at the half year results of Portugal's distressed Banco Espirito Santo ( BKESY ). They are pretty grim reading. No, they are... Read >>

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