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G20 slaps the market silly

This is why we can't have nice things. The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors met over the weekend of September 21 and 22 in Cairns Australia, and released this Communiqué , which... Read >>

Primary Focus Is Looking To Be On China - Economic Highlights

With the Alibaba ( BABA ) show now in the rearview mirror, we can go back to the business of evaluating incoming data and handicapping Fed policy. Today's focus seems primarily on China, though... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

International markets, high dollar cause stocks to slide

After the open… The major exchanges are lower in morning trading, in part due to a selloff in the Asian and European markets, and in part due to a strong dollar , as traders worry a strong... Read >>


Central Banks Biggest Concern Should Be Market Stability

Good Year Performance Wise   We closed out our  bond short  this week and are up 42% so far this year. The reason we closed out our bond short is that we are trying to make... Read >>

Martin Tillier

If Blackstone (BX) Is Pulling Out Of Russia, Should You?

This morning come news that private equity giant Blackstone ( BX ) has “given up” on Russia. The firm has apparently, as a reaction to a lack of opportunity there, decided to end contracts with... Read >>

Olson Global Markets

Dow Jones Transportation Average Pushes Higher

With the help of a strengthening dollar and a decline in energy prices, the Dow Jones Transportation Average continued to climb to new highs last week and appears to be headed higher still.... Read >>


5 Signs in the Fed Statement of a Sooner-Than-Expected Fed Rate Hike

Market observers are parsing every comment from the Federal Reserve (Fed)'s most recent statement and Fed Chair Janet Yellen's accompanying press conference, trying to determine where the Fed's... Read >>

All Eye On Alibaba IPO - Economic Highlights

The start of trading for shares of Alibaba and the retail availability of the new iPhones are today's big developments. And the Scotland news is finally behind us, with Scots deciding to retain... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Is There Any Good Way to Forecast the Economy?

Every day I read about some pundit tossing out opinions on the economy growing faster or collapsing or whatever. These pundits include reputable economists. Is it just me - but should you not... Read >>

Encouraging Fed Comments, Strong Housing Data and Scottish Vote To Boost Markets - Economic Highlights

Stocks today appear on track to have further positive follow through to Wednesday's reassuring Fed commentary. Strong housing and labor market data and the Scottish vote provide additional... Read >>

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