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All Eye On Alibaba IPO - Economic Highlights

The start of trading for shares of Alibaba and the retail availability of the new iPhones are today's big developments. And the Scotland news is finally behind us, with Scots deciding to retain... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Is There Any Good Way to Forecast the Economy?

Every day I read about some pundit tossing out opinions on the economy growing faster or collapsing or whatever. These pundits include reputable economists. Is it just me - but should you not... Read >>

Encouraging Fed Comments, Strong Housing Data and Scottish Vote To Boost Markets - Economic Highlights

Stocks today appear on track to have further positive follow through to Wednesday's reassuring Fed commentary. Strong housing and labor market data and the Scottish vote provide additional... Read >>


HCI Group: The Wizards Of Tampa, Part II

By RH Analytics Introduction This is the second of a multi part series of RH Analytics' short thesis on the HCI Group ( HCI ). In it, we outline why we believe the company's business model is... Read >>

Markets Look For Clues In Fed's Monetary Policy - Economic Highlights

The Fed remains the market's sole preoccupation today as investors look for clues to the future course of monetary policy in the central bank's official statement this afternoon. The 'considerable... Read >>

Martin Tillier

On Scottish Independence And Its Impact On The Markets

Tomorrow, in an historic vote, Scotland will decide its fate when people go to the polls to vote on their independence. What started out as looking like a clear cut victory for the “no” vote, a... Read >>

Peter Kohli

Emerging Markets: Investing In The Baltic Triple Threat Of Estonia, Latvia, And Lithuania

To many, an investment strategy that targets former Communist states would automatically have three strikes against it. These are: An economy rooted in communism The threat of Russia The... Read >>

Martin Tillier

I Hate To Repeat Myself, But Ignore The Doom Mongers

Get ready for it. After two down days in a row and early indications for a lower opening today we should know what is coming. Over the next few days we will see, as we did at the end of July, a... Read >>

Big Week Ahead for Federal Reserve - Economic Highlights

Stocks are indicated to start today's session modestly in the red following a mixed session on Monday. The tentativeness reflects policy uncertainty about the Fed meeting that gets underway today,... Read >>


HCI Group: The Wizards Of Tampa

By RH Analytics Introduction This is the first of a multi part series outlining RH Analytics' short thesis on the HCI Group ( HCI ), detailing why we believe the company's business model is deeply... Read >>

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