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A Flurry Of Economic Data To Determine Markets Movement - Economic Highlights

Stocks today are expected to continue the positive momentum from last week, pushing the major indexes even deeper into record territory. Positive data out of Germany and more follow through from... Read >>

Olson Global Markets

Dow Jones Industrial Average Above 18,000 By Year-End? Maybe!

With the help of an interest rate cut in China, an enormous stimulus plan unveiled in Japan, and hints by Mario Draghi that the ECB is on the verge of announcing an outsized shot-in-the-arm of... Read >>

Positive Momentum Looking To Sustain - Economic Highlights

Today's market promises to be one of those nice global central bank driven rallies that we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years. The Chinese central bank is the main driver today,... Read >>

Peter Kohli

Indonesia's Joko Widodo Makes Right Move For Country's Future

I read an article by Leslie Shaffer on CNBC titled, “ Indonesia’s fuel hike may put kibosh on ‘fragile’ tag, ” and it made me smile. I have advocated investing heavily in Indonesia ever since... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Too Few Rental Units Can Trigger Inflation

There is an obvious relationship between supply and demand. In the rental housing market, demand is eroding supply at a rapid rate according to recent data - likely due to changing demographics... Read >>

Martin Tillier

For The Holidays, Switch From Tech To Luxury

As a group, U.S. tech investors have become somewhat spoiled over the last few years. Sure, there have been some periods of volatility such as that at the beginning of last month, but on the... Read >>

Peter Kohli

Kenya, an African Lion Roaring

The East African country of Kenya just broke into the top 10 economies of Africa after they went through a statistical reassessment of their economy which resulted in a 25% increase over what was... Read >>

Eurozone Growth Worries Looking To Dominate Market Attention - Economic Highlights

Stocks appear on track to start today's session in the red, with Europe g centric rowth worries dominating the market's attention. On the domestic data front, we have a couple of positive looking... Read >>


October Volatility Boosts AUM in Short & Leverage ETPs To $61 Billion

London, 18 November 2014: BOOST ETP, Europe’s award winning, specialist Short and Leverage (S&L) Exchange Traded Product (ETP) provider, is proud to announce the release of the BOOST Short... Read >>

Venezuela, Ignored By OPEC, Seeks Oil-price Relief Elsewhere

By Andy Tully for Venezuela, openly frustrated by Saudi Arabia’s refusal to support a cut in crude production, is reaching out beyond OPEC to discuss ways to stop the recent... Read >>

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