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The Financial History of Daylight Saving

By Travers Korch for Conceived by Benjamin Franklin and panned by Native American proverbs, daylight saving time, or DST, has been a constant topic of debate. And as this... Read >>

OPEC Chief Warns Against Oil Price Panic

By Andy Tully for OPEC Secretary-General Abdalla Salem el-Badri says he doesn’t expect demand for the cartel’s oil or its production levels to change in the coming year, and he is... Read >>

Steven Hansen

The "Trouble" at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Is Economically Good

... Read >>

GDP Report And Q3 Earnings To Give Direction To The Market - Economic Highlights

The strong GDP report and a flood of Q3 earnings results provide the backdrop for today's trading action. Stocks aren't expected to do much in today's session either, but the market's overall... Read >>

How Long Can The Shale Revolution Last?

By Nick Cunningham for A new study has cast serious doubt on whether the much-ballyhooed U.S. shale oil and gas revolution has long-term staying power. The U.S. produced 8.5... Read >>


The Unsustainable State Of The Florida Property Insurance Market, Part II

By RH Analytics Introduction Florida insurance is the story of how, in defiance of all logic, coastal real estate becomes a key economic driver on what is probably the most catastrophe prone strip... Read >>


Should Investors be Worried about Inflation?

As my colleague Rick Rieder discusses in a recent post , the latest employment report tells us that the economy may be stronger than previously thought. Still, the Fed may be cautious on raising... Read >>

Fed Expected to End QE Program - Economic Highlights

Stocks aren't expected to do much ahead of the Fed announcement later this afternoon that is expected to end the QE program and also change key phrases in the post meeting statement. Earnings also... Read >>


AmTrust Financial Services: A P&C Blow-Up In The Making - Part I

By Gotham Investing Introduction I believe the equity in AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. ( AFSI ) is worthless, and I believe the market will soon come around to my view as a number of catalysts... Read >>

Peter Kohli

Emerging Markets: Peru and its Middle Class

My approach to investing in developing markets is to always start with a focus on the middle class. Is it growing, are they spending, and what do they need? In the past decade or so, the middle... Read >>

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