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Martin Tillier

A Play On Industrial Recovery With An Added Bonus

In the U.S. the recovery from the recession of 2008/9 has not been spectacular, but it has been steady. Conventional wisdom holds that it has also been fairly broad based, but one significant... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Confused traders quietly slip away…

After the open… a flurry of economic reports came out today due to the shortened week, including a higher than expected 313K initial unemployment claims, a higher than expected 0.4% rise in... Read >>

Market Is Looking To Open Positive Offsetting Mixed Economic Data - Economic Highlights

Stocks will likely discount this morning's mixed economic data and maintain the positive momentum of recent days in an otherwise light volume session ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Keep in... Read >>

Peter Kohli

9 Percent Growth: India Has A Destiny To Fulfill

In a Times of India article , Price Waterhouse Coopers is quoted as saying, “India is on the cusp of major change ... For India to take the winning leap and grow its GDP by 9 percent per annum... Read >>

Utilities Facing Coal Shortages Due To Rail Congestion

By Nick Cunningham for With winter approaching, the piles of coal at utility yards are running well below average, and several utilities are pressuring rail companies to allow... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Ignore The All Time Highs: The Outlook Is Still Good

As America prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving and financial markets slow down in anticipation, many investors’ thoughts are turning to broader, macro concerns. It has, so far, been a better year... Read >>

Positive GDP To Boost Markets - Economic Highlights

The positive GDP report should help the market maintain its positive momentum in today's session. Stocks have been steadily building on their record level in recent sessions, and today will likely... Read >>

Peter Kohli

Emerging Markets: What Can Expats Tell Us About Investing?

In the same way you can follow Coca-Cola ( KO ) and McDonalds ( MCD ) to gain investing insight into developing markets, following the tide of expats can be productive too. Why? Among the... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Economy gets stronger, but consumers aren't happy

After the open… stocks were rising this morning, after closing slightly higher on Monday. Investors are responding today to news that the US economy grew at 3.9% in the third quarter, a sharp... Read >>

Russian Finance Minister Says Ruble Will Continue To Fall, But More Slowly

By Andy Tully for A Former Russian finance minister says that, although the wild fluctuations in the ruble may have ended, its value could continue to fall for as much as two... Read >>

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