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Martin Tillier

The Bitcoin Regulation Debate

Ronald Reagan once famously said “The most terrifying words in the English language are 'I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.'” I am sure that many of the early adopters of... Read >>

David Fabian

Utility And Consumer Discretionary ETFs Switch Leadership Roles

The turnaround in sector leadership from 2013 to 2014 has been an interesting changing of the guard. Last year, consumer discretionary stocks were high fliers as companies like Amazon ( AMZN )... Read >>

Economic Data To Give Direction To The Market - Economic Highlights

Stocks are indicated to start today's session modestly in the positive, but continuation of the favorable through the rest of today's session will depend on the ISM reading coming out a little... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Market begins September in the stratosphere

After the Open... Stocks are wobbling back and forth a bit, with no real direction at present. Oil prices firmed up somewhat over the long weekend, the ISM index showed strong growth in August... Read >>


The Criminal Acts Of Large Banks: Are Substantial Fines/Penalties Enough?

By Elliott R. Morss Elliott R. Morss ©All Rights Reserved Introduction In 1999, Sandy Weill, supported by a coterie of other bankers and lobbyists, got the US Congress to repeal Glass Steagall.... Read >>


Even Mainstream Academia Worried about Massive Bubbles in Markets

Academia Finally Sounding Alarm   As stocks set new records each month even other academic economists are starting to realize that not only is t he Federal Reserve behind the curve , but... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

There's no point to this economic data!

There was news out this morning about America's economic health, but there was no point to any of it, or so I conclude, having learned from Harry Nilsson's 1971 film The Point , that "A... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

Market unimpressed by economic numbers, invasion

After the Open... After rising in the pre market, stocks now appear to be falling, but the day is still young. A spate of economic numbers released today were, as usual, contradictory and hard... Read >>

Shortened Labor Day Week Ahead - Economic Highlights

The ball gets rolling with macro economic indicators this Friday morning, kicking off what will be a shortened Labor Day week filled with jobs data and a plethora of other economic reads. Consumer... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Productivity Gains Flow Towards Rentiers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics  (BLS) states  " Productivity is a measure of economic efficiency which shows how effectively economic inputs are converted into output. " To... Read >>

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