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David Fabian

The Key To Understanding Alternative ETFs

Retail investors have continued to pour money into stock and bond ETFs over the last two decades because they understand the value of a diversified, transparent, and low-cost investment vehicle... Read >>

Momentum Depends On Upcoming Earnings & FOMC - Economic Highlights

Earnings remain front and center in today's session even as we move into the second half of the Q2 reporting season, which has broadly offered a positive and reassuring picture of corporate... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Tuesday, July 29: Russia Accused Of Violating Nuclear Treaty

The relationship between the U.S. and Russia became even more tense on Monday after U.S. officials accused Russia of violating the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty. Although the... Read >>

It Is All About Earnings - Economic Highlights

Family Dollar ( FDO ) is being bought by rival Dollar Tree ( DLTR ), and FDO shares in the pre market are up over 24%. Dollar Tree shares are also up often the acquiring firm will sell off... Read >>


5 Investment Risks And How To Manage Them

By Donna Fuscaldo for Risk means different things to different people. They may characterize themselves as aggressive or conservative when it comes to investment risks, without... Read >>

Olson Global Markets

Will A Correction In The S and P 500 Index Ever Unfold?

Despite a number of increasingly worrisome geopolitical concerns, equity prices continue to edge higher bolstered in part by low interest rates, a decline in commodity prices, reasonably good... Read >>


#PreMarket Primer: Monday, July 28: Tension Between U.S. And Israel On The Rise

With the fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants temporarily on hold due to a 24 hour pledge to stop the fighting, many are criticizing U.S. Secretary for State John Kerry for being... Read >>


Three Big Picture Shifts Worth Paying Attention to

In today's era of increasingly abundant information, separating truly meaningful market signals from the mountains of daily noise has never been more challenging, or more vital for investment... Read >>

Q2 Earnings Season Seems To Be Reassuring - Economic Highlights

Stocks are indicated to start today's session modestly in the red after steady gains over the last few days. Corporate profits remain in the spotlight with the 2014 Q2 season in full swing. The... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Why Is the Consumer Not Supporting the Economy?

Last week  my post concentrated  on prime interest rates' relationship with the economy - and showed there was a general lack correlation between economic growth and the prime... Read >>

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