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Rules Changing for Massive Open Online Courses

Lately, MOOCs, or "massive open online courses," have become the hot topic for educators and policymakers looking for ways to expand access to higher education. Harvard, MIT and Duke... Read >>


4 Alternatives to a Four-Year College Degree

... Read >>


Kids and Money Advice From Around the Web

Recently J. Money at the Budgets Are Sexy blog wrote about the costs associated with having his first child . One big expense he highlighted was child care. The hefty price tag had him... Read >>


A New Pay-as-You-Earn Student Loan Repayment Plan

A Q&A with Adam Minsky, a Boston attorney who specializes in student loan law. Still paying off his own loans, he is enrolled in an income-based repayment plan. SEE OUR SLIDE SHOW: ... Read >>


How We Ranked the Top Public Colleges

The Formula: 45% COST FACTORS | 55% QUALITY FACTORS To come up with our best values for 2012�13, we start with data on nearly 600 public four-year schools provided... Read >>


Rules for Deducting 529-Plan Contributions

I'd like to contribute to a 529 college-savings plan for my 12-year-old niece for Christmas. Is my contribution tax-deductible? Your contribution isn't tax-deductible on your federal... Read >>


Discounted College Degrees: A Real Value or Gimmick?

With student debt topping $1 trillion, a handful of Texas universities are experimenting with a method to rein in runaway college costs. They're adding affordable diplomas to their course lists... Read >>


Sports Economics: Texas Longhorns Need a New CEO

By  EconMatters Since the Vince Young and Colt McCoy era the Texas Longhorns Football program has been in steep decline with a 21 win and 16 loss record over the last 3 years despite... Read >>

Sallie Mae

7 Steps to Successful Student Loan Repayment

New college graduates typically have a six-month transition period before they must begin paying down their student loans.  By following a few simple guidelines, Class of 2012 graduates can... Read >>


What Grandparents Should Know About Opening 529 Accounts

I opened a 529 account for my granddaughter. Will this affect her prospects for financial aid? SEE OUR SLIDE SHOW: 7 Smart Ways to Pay for College A grandparent-owned 529 is not reported... Read >>

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