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John Jacobs

Understanding Bond Fund Yield Statistics

It’s usually the first question that comes to an investor’s mind when considering an investment in a bond fund: What’s the yield? Such a simple question. Such a complicated answer. The simple... Read >>


The Bottom Is In For Treasuries

Russian Invasion Tension   It occurred Friday morning while most traders were asleep in illiquid markets where the 10-Year was forced down to basically 2.35% in Yield first on Ukraine... Read >>

Martin Tillier

The Power of Words: High Yield Versus Junk

The broad, long term effects of Fed policy over the last five years as the U.S. has emerged from the credit crisis cannot yet be known. Some continue to speculate that, at some point in the near... Read >>


3 Telltale Signs of Disorderly Portfolio

Since mid May, I along with a growing army of independent portfolio analysts, have already graded $10.6 million in investment portfolios. Some of the individual investors are old, some are young.... Read >>


Inflation Adjusted Bond Prices Tell Different Story on Relative Value

One of the arguments for why US Bonds are such an attractive investment even at these low yields is that relative to European Bonds the US Treasuries provide such a higher yield, but this... Read >>


Is the Corporate Debt Bubble Popping?

There is a simple reason why no matter what is attempted as a remedy, the current economic recovery is not near as robust as most would expect after five years. There is also a simple reason why... Read >>


Portfolio Report Card: A $171, 000 Retirement Portfolio Weighed Down by Cost

What is the optimal investment portfolio? Is it the one that contains the hottest performing stocks and funds? Actually, it's the portfolio that perfectly represents a person's psychology, life... Read >>


Jackson Hole Will Signal Hawkish Tone for Financial Markets

Jackson Hole Agenda   The annual Jackson Hole economic symposium, a three-day conference in Wyoming begins on Aug. 21 with the official topic of “Re-evaluating Labor Market Dynamics.”... Read >>


Why the Faltering Junk Bond Market May Signal Deeper Problems Ahead

Not many have noticed but the performance of high yield bonds (also known as "junk bonds") are breaking down.  The decline in high yield corporate debt has been modest  ( 1.5%) thus far,... Read >>


Bond Yield Carry Traders Need To Fade Upcoming Econ Events

Fading Strong Employment Reports    The trend in the bond markets the last several months, and basically all of 2014 has been to buy bonds in the dead periods of econ reports, or the... Read >>

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