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Martin Tillier

Ignore The Bond Guys, They're Always Gloomy

Every financial market has an image amongst the denizens of other markets. Everybody looks down on everybody else. The interbank forex market, where I made my living, is regarded by others as... Read >>


The Bond Market Explained Part II

Addendum Needed Since so many people are still slightly confused about how all the pieces come together in this move lower in yields, we feel the need to add some follow-up commentary to our... Read >>


European Bonds Front Running ECB Setup for Disappointment

June 5 th  ECB Meeting There has been a lot on  Bond Buying in Europe  and that enthusiasm has transferred over to the United States with the thought that European... Read >>


The Bond Market Explained For CNBC

Questions – Low Yields   We occasionally turn the volume up on the TV`s just to hear what others are thinking in mainstream business media with the Sales & Name Game that is business... Read >>

David Fabian

Euro Currency Shift Propels New ETF Opportunities

While the stock market surges to new highs this week and interest rates remain accommodative for the rally in bonds , another quiet shift is taking place in the currency markets. The Guggenheim... Read >>


Hot Inflation Reports to Dominate Next Fed Meeting

Important Econ-Inflation Events   The Federal Reserve meeting begins Tuesday June 17 th  with the FOMC meeting announcement the following day Wednesday June 18 th  which will... Read >>


A $725,000 Portfolio on Shaky Ground

Having a six or seven figure sized investment portfolio doesn't automatically make it smart. Such is the case with a $725,000 investment portfolio that I recently graded. An investment Portfolio... Read >>


2 Times When Diversification Becomes Di-Worsification

Diversifying your investment portfolio It's a dull exercise that people repeatedly hear, yet a chore they execute with consistent imprecision. Are there times when diversification can actually... Read >>


Why Do So Many Investors Self-Destruct?

"The investor's chief problem and even his worst enemy is likely to be himself," once quipped the great Benjamin Graham. The truth of Graham's observation is seen in the consistent... Read >>


U.S. Is Not Japan Or Europe

There has been a trend of late to compare European and Japanese Bond yields to that of the United States and England so I think it necessary to define some large flaws in these comparisons.... Read >>

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