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Treasury And Mortgage Bond ETFs Hit New Highs

The selloff in stocks has erased all of the gains on Wall Street this year as the S&P 500 Index dipped into the red for 2014.  In just a few short weeks, sellers have taken control... Read >>


3 Equity ETFs Benefiting From Low Interest Rates

The yield on the 10 year Treasury bond has fallen to new yearly lows this week and is below 2.2 percent for the first time since June 2013. The concern about a slowdown in Europe has... Read >>


One Rally That Has Blindsided Wall Street’s Throngs

It seems nobody on Wall Street can stop talking about how the S&P 500 just breached its 200 day moving average for the first time since November 2012. From bedazzled TV anchors to nouveau... Read >>

InvestorPlace Media

3 Bond Funds for an Unpredictable Market

By Kent Thune, InvestorPlace Contributor Fixed income gurus, financial media talking heads and asset managers have been forecasting rising interest rates for at least two years. They were (and... Read >>


The Fed Can`t Raise Rates Because the Sky Is Blue

We Cannot Raise Rates Because…  This is starting to become outright laughable if it wasn`t so incompetent and irresponsible interest rate policy , or lack of policy by the Federal... Read >>


The Crowd Votes for Stocks over Cash

What do investors love and what do they hate? Where are they putting their money? Analyzing the money inflow outflow data for ETFs gives us some clues. In a study of U.S. ETF flows just published... Read >>


The Fed Cannot Wait For Wage Inflation to Raise Rates

5.9% Unemployment Rate On Friday the Employment Report came out reaffirming the stellar 2014 employment story , in fact the United States has created an amazing amount of jobs this year, well... Read >>


So this is the Bursting of the Bond Market’s Bubble?

Never mind which company Bill Gross is working at this week. The talking heads on Wall Street have been ranting about the bursting of the bond market's bubble for years and it's getting old. They... Read >>

David Fabian

Bill Gross' Impact On the ETF World And Janus Opportunities

The fund community was shocked on Friday to hear about the departure of Bill Gross from PIMCO, the fixed-income giant he co-founded over 40 years ago. Mr. Gross announced that he would be... Read >>


This Indicator Correctly Warned About an Equity Pullback

Generally the bond market is considered "smarter" than the equity market. One of the reasons is the mere size of the bond market. Estimates for the U.S. bond market put it around $40... Read >>

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