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The Bond Market Explained for Mohamed El-Erian

Business Media Rock Star On Thursday Mohamed A. El-Erian was on CNBC`s Halftime Report and he said something that a lot of people have been saying regarding the bond market, and it needs to be... Read >>


Treasury Doomsayers Get Grilled by Hated Rally in Bond Prices

In late 2013 just before the Federal Reserve began its scaling back on monthly Treasury bond purchases, the conventional wisdom was that interest rates would rise and bond prices would fall.... Read >>


Portfolio Report Card: A $408,303 Retirement Account Stuck in First Gear

World class investment portfolios deliberately minimize taxes and investment costs. Likewise, a well built portfolio is handcrafted to perfectly match the unique investor personality of the... Read >>


Risk And Reward In Bonds And CDs

By Sheyna Steiner for The Federal Reserve looks to be on course to hike interest rates sometime next year. Like closing your eyes and waiting for the punch you know is coming,... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

In the news: Nuance's weak guidance, ValueAct invests in 21st Century Fox and more

Tuesday headlines include Soft guidance from Nuance Communications, Twenty First Century Fox getting an activist investor, Chinese regulators investigating General Motors, JP Morgan selling its... Read >>

John Jacobs

Understanding Bond Fund Yield Statistics

It’s usually the first question that comes to an investor’s mind when considering an investment in a bond fund: What’s the yield? Such a simple question. Such a complicated answer. The simple... Read >>


The Bottom Is In For Treasuries

Russian Invasion Tension   It occurred Friday morning while most traders were asleep in illiquid markets where the 10-Year was forced down to basically 2.35% in Yield first on Ukraine... Read >>

Martin Tillier

The Power of Words: High Yield Versus Junk

The broad, long term effects of Fed policy over the last five years as the U.S. has emerged from the credit crisis cannot yet be known. Some continue to speculate that, at some point in the near... Read >>


3 Telltale Signs of Disorderly Portfolio

Since mid May, I along with a growing army of independent portfolio analysts, have already graded $10.6 million in investment portfolios. Some of the individual investors are old, some are young.... Read >>


Inflation Adjusted Bond Prices Tell Different Story on Relative Value

One of the arguments for why US Bonds are such an attractive investment even at these low yields is that relative to European Bonds the US Treasuries provide such a higher yield, but this... Read >>

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