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Love Affair with High Risk Debt Overtakes Bond Market

The most important single factor in shaping security markets is the public's psychology. That was Gerald Loeb's observation about how financial markets operate. And history has proven this... Read >>


Janet Yellen Encourages More Levered Risk Taking in Markets Tuesday

Risk Taking Tuesday Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testified before the Senate banking committee on Tuesday, and again the end result from the market`s point of view was to borrow even... Read >>


Q&A: How Many ETFs Do You Need for a Well-Rounded Portfolio?

Q. How many ETFs do I need to own to have a balanced and diversified portfolio? C.L. in Plano, TX A. One of the common investing fallacies is that the number of holdings within your investment... Read >>

David Fabian

2 New Must-Watch Bond ETFs For 2015

Bond ETFs have become a hot topic once again as fixed-income investors are set to contend with a myriad of risks and opportunities through the remainder of 2015. While bond yields are now off... Read >>


Your Investment Portfolio’s Foundation: Where Should it Be Built?

A good investment plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Unfortunately, most people don't have either. What about you? Building a healthy portfolio with sustainable and satisfactory... Read >>

David Fabian

ETF Investors Start Sniffing For Value In High Yield

The fixed-income markets have been an interesting landscape for multiple themes to develop across numerous sectors, durations, and credit profiles. Momentum traders have been chasing the run... Read >>


3 Things To Know About QE in Europe

By Sheyna Steiner for The European Central Bank announced a new effort to stimulate inflation in the Eurozone and further weaken the currency: quantitative easing, or QE. Per the... Read >>


2015 Outlook: Wall Street Hates Bonds

It's that time of year again. You know, the wonderful season when Wall Street's strategists crawl out of their crevices to make predictions about the year ahead. What are they prophesying for... Read >>


Swiss ETFs Are Reacting (A Ton) To Currency News

The Swiss National Bank on Thursday  unexpectedly reversed course on a policy designed to cap the Swiss franc against the euro . The move is designed to bolster the Swiss currency against other... Read >>


Portfolio Report Card: A Risk Heavy $696,000 Investment Plan

Your investment portfolio is nothing more than a reflection of you. Put another way, it's a personal statement about how you view risk, taxes, diversification, and investment cost. If you're... Read >>

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