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Wall Street Will Always Find An Excuse For Not Raising Rates

Reasons or Excuses? The reasons for the Fed not raising rates keep getting more bizarre and outside the scope of what used to constitute the Fed`s purview. First it was the financial crisis,... Read >>


The Fed Meets This Week Dealing with Alarming Bond Market Bubble

The Bond Market Bubble is Reaching Epic Proportions The 10-Year Bond now has a Yield of 2.08% right before the all-important Fed Quarterly Meeting and Press Conference this Wednesday, the... Read >>


Opportunity In Junk Bond ETFs

In the current market environment, anyone who has avoided exposure to the havoc that is the energy sector is certainly breathing a sigh of relief. Investors in the high yield bond market that... Read >>


The Bull Market in U.S. Treasuries that Just Won’t Quit

Stocks around the globe are swooning and bonds are zooming. The almost 3% correction in the S&P 500 (SNP GSPC) over the past week has pushed long term Treasury bond ETFs (NYSEARCA TLT) higher... Read >>

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Best Bond Funds for 2015

By Kent Thune, InvestorPlace Contributor Buying the best bond funds for 2015 is likely to be just as challenging as it was in 2014. Conventional wisdom in the fixed income world says, when... Read >>


How International Bond ETFs Can Add Diversification

International bond ETFs are a great option to increase diversity within a portfolio. The niche sector provides exposure to the international markets along with fixed income securities. The ETFs... Read >>


Facts and Fiction about Portfolio Diversification

Let's examine the facts and fiction about portfolio diversification. Fiction A 60 40 stock and bond portfolio (Nasdaq VBMVX) is fully diversified. Fact Only investment portfolios with market... Read >>


Stock ETFs Keep Vacuuming in Assets

Never mind how U.S. stocks are at all time highs.  People are pouring more money into stock tracking ETFs. The top three ETFs by asset inflows over the past week were the iShares S&P MidCap... Read >>


These 2 Categories are Beating the S&P 500

While Wall Street and the mainstream media is enamored by one all time high after another in the U.S. stock market (NYSEARCA DIA), other key investment themes have largely been ignored or... Read >>


Risk On or Risk Off? That is the Question

For years we have heard about the "risk on" trade and how the move into riskier and riskier assets was helping drive stock markets higher.  Whether it really is Zero Interest Rate... Read >>

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