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3 Things To Know About QE in Europe

By Sheyna Steiner for The European Central Bank announced a new effort to stimulate inflation in the Eurozone and further weaken the currency: quantitative easing, or QE. Per the... Read >>


2015 Outlook: Wall Street Hates Bonds

It's that time of year again. You know, the wonderful season when Wall Street's strategists crawl out of their crevices to make predictions about the year ahead. What are they prophesying for... Read >>


Swiss ETFs Are Reacting (A Ton) To Currency News

The Swiss National Bank on Thursday  unexpectedly reversed course on a policy designed to cap the Swiss franc against the euro . The move is designed to bolster the Swiss currency against other... Read >>


Portfolio Report Card: A Risk Heavy $696,000 Investment Plan

Your investment portfolio is nothing more than a reflection of you. Put another way, it's a personal statement about how you view risk, taxes, diversification, and investment cost. If you're... Read >>


Are Stocks Ignoring the Bond Market’s Warning?

After gaining five consecutive years and gaining nine out the past 10 years, the U.S. stock market is on a roll. And while it's easy to become complacent, warning signs are already showing up in... Read >>


Portfolio Report Card: A $496,000 Investment Plan with an Adventurous Flair

All investment portfolios are comparable to a novel, where each individual chooses their own personal genre and classification. If your investment portfolio was a novel, what genre would it be?... Read >>

David Fabian

Why Caution In Long Duration Bonds Is Warranted

2015 has gotten off to an inauspicious start that has many market participants wondering if volatility will be the new buzzword this year. While stocks have struggled in the nascent days of... Read >>


One Place Where So-Called “Smart Beta” Hasn’t Been Very Smart

Never mind what the cute marketing brochures or what nouveau indexers say. The trumped up allegations that beta is somehow "smart" or "better" is a grand ole fairytale. (Audio)... Read >>


Prioritize This Task Before Buying Your Next Individual Stock

The age of not having a believable investment plan is over. But that still hasn't solved the problem of having too many investment choices. That leaves the prudent investor with no other... Read >>


Wall Street Will Always Find An Excuse For Not Raising Rates

Reasons or Excuses? The reasons for the Fed not raising rates keep getting more bizarre and outside the scope of what used to constitute the Fed`s purview. First it was the financial crisis,... Read >>

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