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7 Retirement Investing Mistakes

By Sheyna Steiner for Few investors, if any, sail through life without making mistakes, but when it comes to retirement investing, serious missteps can cost you. For instance,... Read >>


Investing and Financial Planning: What Do Millennials Want to Know?

By Laura R. Knolle , MS, CFP®  Learn more about Laura on  NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor Millennials will one day rule the world—but who is helping them rule their pocketbooks?... Read >>

Joe Young

What Is Asset Allocation, And How Do You Use It Correctly?

When sketching out a retirement portfolio, many complex phrases are thrown around by HR departments, employers and financial advisors — often with little explanation — leaving employees feeling... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Lessons From The Failure Of Bitcoin Trader

I guess it is a sign of maturity and acceptance that Bitcoin is now rumored to have its very own Ponzi scheme, but it isn’t a welcome one. According to this report on , the Bitcoin... Read >>


Do Millennials Prefer Small Banks?

By David McMillin for It looks like many young account holders are opting to keep their money away from big banks. According to a new survey conducted by the Independent Community... Read >>


How To Make Money On The Side

By Dana Dratch for Wish you could come up with a few extra bucks this month? Chances are, you can. And you don't necessarily have to go out and land a second job to do it. ... Read >>

Joe Young

Estate Planning Guide 101: A Basic Guide To Establishing Your Estate

Although often neglected, drawing up an estate plan is as essential to your legacy’s future as drawing up a simple will. A trust, or estate, is not the same as a will  - and both are... Read >>

Nasdaq CEO Signature Series

Energi CEO Signature Series, Interview with Brian McCarthy, CEO

Watch the CEO Signature Series interview with Brian K. McCarthy , Chief Executive Officer, Director of Energi, Inc. ( NPM ). Energi is an Industrial Reinsurance Company that provides... Read >>

Joe Young

Financial Infidelity Between Couples: How To Spot the Warning Signs

It’s more than a forgotten expense or two that your partner catches while paying the bills. It’s more serious than not mentioning the twenty dollar bill you slipped to your kid to help with gas... Read >>


Sometimes The Kids Need A Push

By Jennie L. Phipps for Chances are your adult children may take your help when money is tight, but at the same time, they probably don't want your financial advice. A new... Read >>

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