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5 Ways To Beat Rising Fees On Checking Accounts

By Donna Fuscaldo for Most things in life aren't free, and that's particularly true for where you put your money. From overdraft fees to ATM surcharges, banks charge a... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Trading Losses: A Survival Guide

Yesterday, as I sat and looked at a sea of red on the equity screen and also watched a different market where a very public call I had made was hovering around the suggested stop-loss level, I... Read >>

Joe Young

Three Ways To Save Money For Big Ticket Purchases

Saving money for the purchase of a big ticket item like a home, a car, a boat, or your your kid’s college tuition can be a challenge. With the economy the way it is these days, saving money can... Read >>


Life Hack: Shortcuts To A Happy Retirement

By Sheyna Steiner for Hacks are shortcuts that make life easier. They can be clever ways to use existing objects or subvert routines. Tedious chores and complicated decisions are... Read >>


3 Tax-Sensitive Investment Strategies to Implement Now

By Steve Nicastro Who doesn’t want to pay less money to the taxman? With some careful planning, you can legally reduce taxes owed to the IRS on investment gains — which means more dough in... Read >>

Jim Cahn

Diversifying Your Way To Added Risk

The concept of diversifying one’s assets is relatively new. Mark Twain said, “Put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket.” Twain’s quip was typical of advice to investors before... Read >>


Value Investing Not 'Hot,' But Profitable

In chapter two of his classic book, "The Intelligent Investor," Benjamin Graham spelled out what it takes for investors to succeed: The investor cannot enter the arena of the stock... Read >>


10 Things Your Financial Planner Should Do Outside of Investing

By Brian Kuhn CFP , a financial advisor on NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor . Your financial planner plays a strong supporting role in managing your finances and providing counseling for your... Read >>

Joe Young

Student Loan Options In The United States

To say that the cost of attending college in the United States is not cheap these days would be an understatement. Tuition at several institutions of higher learning are upwards of $60,000 per... Read >>


6 Pet-Related Tax Write-Offs

By Kay Bell for Almost every pet owner will tell you that their animal is a member of the family. The IRS disagrees. That's why the taxman won't let you claim your dog,... Read >>

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