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Tap Your Portfolio With Taxes in Mind

When it comes to tapping your portfolio during retirement, you have two major goals generating as much income as you can while keeping the lid on your tax bill. A general rule of thumb is to pull... Read >>


Mom Wants To Retire, Pay Off Student Loan

By Dr. Don Taylor, Ph.D., CFA, CFP, CASL for Dear Dr. Don, I had a private student loan that was discharged in bankruptcy. My mom was the co-signer and now she is stuck with... Read >>


Keep an Eye on Finances During a Divorce

Divorce at any age will send tremors through your finances. But when it comes later in life, it's sure to upend even the best laid financial plans. The end of a marriage is the start of a scramble... Read >>


Why These Three Retirement Rules of Thumb are Bad Ideas

What makes a good rule of thumb? It should be memorable, pithy and, above all, useful. It also shouldn't overreach it just gives good guidance. "Measure twice, cut once" is a great... Read >>


Financial Habits Of The Wealthy

By Judy Martel for The secrets to building wealth aren't hidden behind locked doors in the realm of the rich. Plenty of wealthy people make disastrous financial mistakes. But... Read >>


Donate Life Insurance to a Charity or College

Perhaps you have a permanent life insurance policy that you no longer need. Sure, you can cash it out, but if you have altruistic inclinations, you can give the policy to your alma mater or a... Read >>

Joe Young

Follow These 4 Tips To Live Your Retirement On Your Own Terms

Though many Americans love their careers, it is safe to say that retirement is part of American culture, and tens of millions of American workers look forward to that glorious day. But one... Read >>


Planning to Pass On Your Family Business

Larry Berman spent most of last winter in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., perfecting his golf game and enjoying 85 degree days. Meanwhile, in snowy Newton, Mass., his 30 year old insurance adjusting... Read >>

Joe Young

Avoiding Scams That Target Retirement Savings

In recent years, many Americans have seen firsthand the way the stock market can go through its boom and bust cycles. But, far from watching as merely interested spectators, millions of... Read >>


Investors' Outrageous Expectations

By Sheyna Steiner for Talk to any investment adviser and they will tell you that nearly all their clients come in with one goal: to make as much money as possible without taking... Read >>

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