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What Now for the Dow: 30 Stocks to Buy, Sell, or Hold

For all its quirks, the Dow Jones industrial average remains one of the most influential market gauges in the world. The Dow still makes headlines when it hits new highs, and additions to and... Read >>


Fewer Trades, More Gains

The economy may be anemic, but the stock market has been flush. Over the past year, Standard & Poor's 500 stock index returned 27%, and since the middle of November, it has gone nearly... Read >>


What to Do With Old 401(k)s

"I have several 401(k)s from previous jobs. Should I leave them alone or roll them into an IRA?"A recent investigation by the Government Accountability Office found that departing... Read >>

Driving too slow, and other new traffic laws

July 1 opens a new fiscal year for many states. Here's a highlight of some new state laws that affect drivers. FloridaFlorida drivers can no longer be ticketed for turning right on red at red... Read >>

Pay-as-you-drive: Not for night owls

Question I just started with the Safeco Rewind program. I didn't realize when I started the program that my working 3 p.m. to 11 30 p.m. may be a problem. I am a hospice nurse and those are the... Read >>


3 Simple Steps to Review Your Investment Portfolio

A periodic review of your investments will reveal whether your allocations are out of balance. A moderate portfolio geared for growth and income typically holds 60% stocks and 40% bonds. An... Read >>


Enticing Dividend-Paying Stock Picks

9 Enticing Dividend Paying Stock Picks Angling for more yield from your portfolio? Who isn't in this low rate environment? Sure, there's risk with stocks in a volatile market, but even if share... Read >>

Take it from me: Insurance agents' advice on teen drivers

Kevin P. Foley, president at PFT&K Insurance Brokers in Milltown, N.J., can recall every single accident involving one of his clients that resulted in a fatality (four total). He takes the... Read >>

Don't park your car in Modesto, Calif.

Modesto, Calif., the city that inspired the coming of age film American Graffiti , is the nation's top hot spot for car theft. The worst metro areas for car theft Modesto, Calif.Fresno,... Read >>

Exclusions: What your policy won't cover

Exclusions listed in a personal auto insurance policy vary depending upon what state laws permit and then the guidelines of your car insurance company.  When something is noted as excluded... Read >>

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