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A Fund That Buys Foreign Stocks That Everyone Hates

It takes more than brains, in my view, to be a good investor. It takes guts, too. Call it discipline if you want to be less dramatic, but to beat the market you have to be willing to buy stocks... Read >>

Teen driver's rule-breaking is a red flag

Question: I saw your question about a provisional driver who was ticketed for violating their license restrictions but were still covered by their auto insurer. Is this true everywhere? ... Read >>


Metropolitan West Unconstrained: A Bond Fund with a Lot of Room to Roam

Untied, unchained, unconstrained. No, this isn't a promo for "Bond Funds Gone Wild." It's an introduction to Metropolitan West Unconstrained Bond ( MWCRX ), one of the newest ... Read >>


Don't Fear Hyperinflation

Many of my clients worry that today's easy money will eventually have devastating inflationary consequences. Are they right? As a world-class nonexpert on hyperinflation, I decided I needed to... Read >>


A Happy Ending for Microsoft Investors?

A good friend who reads this column regularly clucked at me the other day: "This is nothing like any other investing column I've ever read. You're always talking about your mistakes."... Read >>


An ETF for Rising Dividends

Investors are enamored with the strategy of buying stocks with ever-increasing payouts. So it's no surprise that Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF has become the largest... Read >>


An Investing Success Story: How One Couple Became Millionaires

Helen and Jeff Brown make it look easy. The Browns, who live in Indianapolis, are dedicated savers and savvy investors. And thanks to their hard work, they are worth several million dollars. See... Read >>


3 Fashion Companies to Dress Up Your Portfolio

When it came to getting consumers to buy pricey handbags, Coach (symbol COH ) always had the game-winning moves. But vigorous competitors in the high-end accessories market, including Michael... Read >>


6 Attractive Stocks Paying Dividends for the First Time

When a company starts paying a dividend, it's time to take a careful look at the stock. That's because a company's initial dividend announcement usually signals either good news or bad news. ... Read >>


Rev Up Your Portfolio With Energy MLPs

Energy-related master limited partnerships have been remarkably consistent performers. They outpaced Standard & Poor's 500-stock index every year from 2000 through 2011. Although... Read >>

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