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2 problems = Zero money: The anti-concurrent causation clause

When disaster strikes it seems to happen all at once. Electric lines spark, windows shatter, roofs tear off, sump pumps stop and the lights go out. Homeowners see it this way. Insurance... Read >>


Turbulent Days Ahead for Bond Investors

Remember the early 1980s, when Pac-Man and MTV were brand new? That era also marked the birth of a bond-market bull run--a three-decade stretch of strong performance that taught a generation of... Read >>

Why are auto insurers so nosy?

Question: I don't understand why my wife's auto insurer needs my information. I don't drive, nor do I have a license. I get rides every place I go. Why are insurance companies so nosy about who... Read >>

Did you buy fake car insurance?

No wonder people fall for fake car insurance scams. When everyone else asks for thousands of dollars to provide a little piece of paper that allows you to drive legally, the guy who asks for... Read >>


Harbor Bond

Symbol: HABDX Expense ratio: 0.54% 800-422-1050 Run by Bill Gross, this high-quality bond fund is a near-clone of his leviathan, Pimco Total Return, the world's biggest mutual fund. At... Read >>


Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade

Symbol: ( VFSTX ) Expense ratio: 0.20% 800-635-1511 If interest rates rise, this fund can provide some shelter. The high-quality portfolio holds mostly corporate bonds and... Read >>

Who said car insurance would feel fair?

As someone who explains bedtime to toddlers, sometimes I have to pull rank. Some things just don't feel fair. But they have to be that way. Car insurance is like that. Unless you just deposited... Read >>

I broke into my own car; am I covered?

Question: I had to break my car's small back side window when I locked my keys in the car. Is it covered by comprehensive coverage? Answer:  Intentional acts are not covered by... Read >>

Getting old is unaffordable

Around two-thirds of Americans over age 65 will need long-term care, either through at-home health care services in the home or an assisted living facility or nursing home. Yet more than 90... Read >>

Legal marijuana can still spell trouble for drivers

Question: Here in Colorado marijuana was legalized.  Will this make any difference in regard to auto insurance? Answer:  Sure. You can get a DUI with pot, too, and your insurance... Read >>

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