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A Wise Entry to Closed-End Funds

You often hear closed-end funds touted as a way to buy a dollar's worth of assets for 85 cents. This they sometimes are. But CEFs are much more complicated than the slogan suggests. Unless you're... Read >>

Would a $1,540 bill stop you from texting?

Hey, Connecticut, maybe this will get your attention. Traffic stops, fines and senseless accidents weren't enough. Now state lawmakers want to tell your insurance company about texting tickets... Read >>


Marrying Value with Momentum

BWLIX So far, the approach has worked, helping the managers achieve their goal of beating the Russell 1000 Value index, a measure of undervalued large-company stocks. Although the no-load,... Read >>


Best Brokers for Free ETFs

The appeal of exchange-traded funds is undeniable: low fees, predictability and transparency. Now you can add one more plus: Big online brokers are fighting fiercely for customers by letting... Read >>


A Bold 401(k) Overhaul

There's no longer any debate over whether working Americans are accumulating enough savings and employer contributions, supplemented by Social Security, to live comfortably in... Read >>


Investing Lessons for Income Seekers

This is my 100th "Cash in Hand" column, counting those that have run in the magazine and those that have appeared only on the Web ( see them all ). I'd like to mark this milestone by... Read >>


Profits Are Powering Stocks

When Standard & Poor's 500-stock index hit an all-time high, some analysts immediately questioned how long the bull market could continue. In particular, they worried that even as the... Read >>


When Will Interest Rates Head Up?

The question on just about every bond investor's mind is simply this: When will interest rates rise? With rates on most types of debt near record lows, it seems that rates have nowhere to go... Read >>


Glossary: Understanding High-Yield Investments

To get high yields today, you may need to invest in products that aren't household words. We describe some of them below: See Also: 45 Ideas for Getting More Yield Floating-rate bank loans.... Read >>


45 Ideas for Getting More Yield

These are frustrating times for income investors. Thanks to the Federal Reserve's efforts to foster economic growth, traditionally safe investments, such as money market funds, pay zilch. So to... Read >>

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