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10 Investment Ideas That Yield 10%+

To get double-digit yields today, you'll have to invest in the kinds of publicly traded stocks that rarely come up in cocktail-party conversation: mortgage REITs and business development... Read >>


Betting on the Natural Gas Boom

In a U.S. economy that still hasn't recovered from the 2007-09 recession, one of the few bright spots is a boom in the production of natural gas, especially from such unlikely places... Read >>


4 Stocks to Cash in on Japan's Recovery

More than 300 Japanese stocks trade in the U.S. But many are thinly traded, which could mean big gaps between buy and sell prices. For that reason, it's best to stick with big-name firms if you... Read >>


These Funds Will Benefit from Japan's Rebound

Nothing turns an investor's head faster than a 43% jump in four months. Maybe that's why so many people are talking about getting back into Japanese stocks. It's been a long time coming:... Read >>


Cruise Stocks on Sale

Thanks to a spate of accidents at sea, it may be a great time to book a floating vacation at a bargain price. It may also be a good time to plunge into battered cruise-ship stocks. See Also: ... Read >>


This ETF Profits From the Industrial Revival

Four years after the Great Recession brought the economy to its knees, industrial America is experiencing a renaissance. Thanks to the housing recovery, the fracking boom, solid demand from... Read >>


Rich Investors Pay Less for Financial Advice

Investors with $100,000 in assets or more can look forward to receiving more one-on-one attention from their financial adviser. Even better, they might pay less for the stepped-up service. See... Read >>

No pay, no play states

Question: I just learned about the no pay, no play concept regarding car insurance claims. Can you elaborate on it and tell me what states have this type of law in place? Answer:  Most... Read >>

Cheaper to file comp rather than collision?

Question: The roof blew off my workplace and caused some damage to my car. I have to pay a $1,000 deductible.  I heard that I should have to pay only half since it was a comprehensive... Read >>

No car, but I'm forced to buy insurance?

Question: I had a SR-22 when I had a car; however, I lost my car to the bank last summer, so I dropped insurance, too. I was recently pulled over by police while driving a friend's car and... Read >>

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