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6 Stocks to Sell Now

'Sell in May and go away,' the adage goes. Lock in profits on your stocks, book losses, take a vacation, avoid the market's summer doldrums.Of course, unloading bad stocks is a good... Read >>


Sell in May -- Market Timing That Works

Virtually every simple method for timing the stock market is utter hogwash. That anyone buys into such mechanical "systems" goes to show just how gullible many investors are. See... Read >>

Is my weird claim still covered?

Question: I wasn't in a conventional vehicle vs. vehicle auto accident. Can I get my car insurance to fix my vehicle anyway if I make a claim? Answer: We'd love to know exactly what you... Read >>

Storing a wrecked car can cost a fortune

Before you even get to the hassle of repairs after a collision, you have to deal with towing and storage fees. If you're not careful, they can add up to a small fortune. The issue comes up... Read >>


Best Online Brokers for 2012

Best Online Brokers for 2012 The discount brokerage industry has come a long way since Charles Schwab launched his business in 1975. Today, many online discounters look more like the... Read >>

Who's going to get free birth control?

So you ring up your birth control prescription at the pharmacy this month and the clerk says "that will be $0." Cha-ching. You can't beat that price. But unfortunately the more... Read >>


A Fund That Buys Foreign Stocks That Everyone Hates

It takes more than brains, in my view, to be a good investor. It takes guts, too. Call it discipline if you want to be less dramatic, but to beat the market you have to be willing to buy stocks... Read >>

Teen driver's rule-breaking is a red flag

Question: I saw your question about a provisional driver who was ticketed for violating their license restrictions but were still covered by their auto insurer. Is this true everywhere? ... Read >>


Metropolitan West Unconstrained: A Bond Fund with a Lot of Room to Roam

Untied, unchained, unconstrained. No, this isn't a promo for "Bond Funds Gone Wild." It's an introduction to Metropolitan West Unconstrained Bond ( MWCRX ), one of the newest ... Read >>


Don't Fear Hyperinflation

Many of my clients worry that today's easy money will eventually have devastating inflationary consequences. Are they right? As a world-class nonexpert on hyperinflation, I decided I needed to... Read >>

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