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Case closed: Many Sandy claims not eligible for insurance payment

Many East Coast residents who thought their home insurance would come to the rescue after Superstorm Sandy haven't gotten a dime out of their policies for repairs. Almost one in five Sandy... Read >>

Driving lessons from a war zone

Veterans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan during the wars underwent hours of combat driver's training. They learned to scan roadsides and be hypervigilant. They also learned to speed, disregard... Read >>

Insurance doesn't depreciate like a car does

Question: Should your full coverage auto insurance costs depreciate every year as your car does?  Answer:  Your belief that as your vehicle depreciates in value the cost to carry... Read >>

David Moenning

First American Financial Corp.(FAF): Today's Most Compelling Stock Buy

  SoTM Bull's Eye Report - Today's Most Compelling Buy Wednesday, April 24, 2013 At , we strive to "own the best and ignore the... Read >>

Unlicensed wife wrecked my car. Am I covered?

Question: My wife wrecked my car. She doesn't have a license and shouldn't have been driving.  I was at work when this happened.  Will my car insurance pay if she is found at... Read >>


Artisan Value's Affection for Unloved Stocks

In their search for large, undervalued, financially sound companies, the managers of Artisan Value (symbol ARTLX ) often gravitate toward out-of-favor stocks. The contrarian strategy has worked... Read >>

Building up to code not your insurer's problem

If a disaster covered by home insurance destroys your house, one big expense might catch you by unpleasant surprise -- the cost of meeting new building codes. Most standard home insurance... Read >>

Yes, your car insurer checks up on you

Question: Do insurance companies really verify the information I give on the quote form?  What happens if I leave something out? Answer:  Absolutely. Expect any auto insurance... Read >>


How to Profit From the Housing Recovery

The U.S. housing market is finally recovering. But that doesn't mean investors seeking to profit from the recovery should jump into shares of homebuilders, which look pricey today. Instead,... Read >>

Husbands lie more than wives about driving mistakes

The lies spouses tell 35 percent have dinged the car and blamed someone else. Husbands: 42 percent. Wives: 27 percent. 25 percent have received a traffic ticket and not told... Read >>

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