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Big Stocks May Not Deserve Their Share Prices

What do Major League Baseball teams, today's red-hot real estate market and the world's biggest stocks have in common? They can all fall victim to the winner's curse, an economic anomaly that... Read >>


Cash In on Your Faith in Undervalued Stocks

Nearly a half-century ago, Eugene Fama, a University of Chicago economist, laid out the hypothesis that markets are efficient -- that is, at any given moment, the price of a stock reflects all... Read >>


6 Things You Must Know About Investing in Gold

1. Solid gold is not always solid. The price of bullion peaked in September 2011 at nearly $1,900 an ounce and has fluctuated since between $1,500 and $1,800. But a slew of worries--most... Read >>


6 Lessons From Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Meeting

It was an unseasonably cold and drizzly Saturday in Omaha. But that didn't dampen the spirits of the tens of thousands of underdressed out-of-towners who shivered through the... Read >>


Juice Up Your Dividends With Electric Utilities

The last time I wrote about regulated electric utilities, in November 2011, I assailed Wall Street for habitually dissing the stocks . Granted, utilities didn't excel in 2012, but... Read >>

Is the babysitter covered in your car?

Question: I'm thinking of letting my babysitter use my car to run errands for me (with my child in the car if it makes a difference). I believe she is under her parent's policy, but I heard... Read >>

A good insurance website makes you open your wallet

If a car insurance company website is easy to use, you're more likely to buy from that insurer than from one with a clunky site -- even if you have to pay a little more, according to new... Read >>


Why I'm Investing in Airline Stocks

"Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night," said Bette Davis in All About Eve, the classic 1950 film about the theater. I think I know what she meant. As a new investor in... Read >>


Betting on Bitcoin

Call it currency for the digital age. With a bitcoin, there's no paper or hard metal to change hands. So why is this virtual coinage receiving so much attention? Because in early May, 11... Read >>


Morgan Stanley's Midyear Advice to Clients: Lean Toward Stocks, Cash

Adam Parker is the chief U.S. equity strategist for Morgan Stanley. You started out 2013 with a cautious market view, but then became more bullish. Why? To get the market right, you have to get... Read >>

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