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You might be forced to buy renters insurance

You dotted the i's and crossed the t's on the rental application, wrote a check for first and last months' rent, provided character references and are all set to move in. But wait do you have... Read >>

Perks for sticking with your car insurer

Car insurers spend truckloads of money on advertising to lure customers away from the competition, and the promises of lower rates might be tempting. But take stock of what you've got before you... Read >>

It takes two to text, but one to crash

Typically you have no idea where the recipient of the message is when you press "send" on a text.  But what if you did know that George was driving to the store to get paper plates?... Read >>

Music that makes teens drive worse

Want to keep your teen driver safe behind the wheel? Find an easy listening radio station and rip off the knob. A new study by Israeli researchers Warren Brodsky and Zack Slor at Ben Gurion... Read >>

The oldest drivers in America

What do highways full of old people look like? Florida. One in five licensed Florida drivers is over age 65.In several counties, one of 12 drivers is over the age of 80.In tiny Sumter County, 55... Read >>

Cat in the engine: Covered?

Question My car recently broke down. Upon inspection, a dead cat (not mine thankfully) was found burrowed around the engine. My car insurance company's claims department said the damages aren't... Read >>

Extra liability is cheap, cheap, cheap

Buy as much car insurance as you can afford. Not only do you probably need more liability coverage almost all people do but the extra is usually downright cheap. Consider a driver in California,... Read >>

Safest drivers: Where does your city rank?

For the third time, Fort Collins, Colo., is the safest of America's 200 largest cities to drive in, according to the number crunchers at Allstate. Their "America's Best Drivers Report,"... Read >>

Can you get full coverage on hail-damaged car?

Question I'm considering buying a used car with hail damage but a clear title. My current car insurance company indicated that it wouldn't provide the full coverage insurance needed for the lender... Read >>

You can drive but you can't hide: The telematics revolution

Remember the opening sequence of "The Sopranos"? Mob boss Tony Soprano drives out of the Lincoln Tunnel, stops at a tollbooth and grabs a ticket. Why didn't he just use E ZPass and keep... Read >>

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