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The Dark Side of Exchange-Traded Funds

Many investors think that low cost exchange traded funds are better choices than ordinary, old fashioned, open end mutual funds. And they have a point. With most broad based index ETFs, you know... Read >>


2014 Interest-Rate Outlook: Higher Rates for Borrowers, Little Change for Savers

Rising interest rates have been the talk of Wall Street and Main Street for months. Despite the recent fluctuation in yields, the return on ten year Treasuries has climbed more than one half... Read >>


Kip 25 Update: DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund

Quibble all you want about the modest results over the past year of DoubleLine Total Return Bond (symbol DLTNX ). But given the whipping many bond funds took in 2013, any fund in the black is... Read >>


Fidelity OTC Fund Pays Big for Fast-Growing Firms

Stocks have performed marvelously over the past year, notwithstanding the market's slide in early 2014. But some have done better than others. Electric car maker Tesla (symbol TSLA ) surged nearly... Read >>


4 Bond Portfolios for More Income, Less Risk

These are confusing times for income investors. Not so long ago, they loved bonds, which presented them with three decades of falling yields and rising prices. Last year, they hated 'em, as the... Read >>


Wanted: Bubble Detector

Imagine if somehow we could rig up a bubble detector something to tell investors when stock prices had reached unsustainable levels. Would stock market crashes disappear? Or could you at least... Read >>


How to Reassess Your Portfolio

The stock market's performance over the past two years has made me feel a bit like a poker player in a high stakes game. I'm satisfied with my hand, but there's enough money on the table to give... Read >>


Is the Bull Market Over?

My friend Robert Shiller recently accepted a well deserved Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his work on understanding volatility in the financial markets. Shiller has also devised an... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Arguing Whether Obamacare Makes Costs Go Up or Down

When I read informed opinion on health care costs going up or going down, I visualize the scenes in the Exorcist (Linda Blair’s head rotating a complete 360 degrees or her pea soup hurling).... Read >>


Where to Save for Retirement After Maxing Out Your 401(k)

You have several options if you're already saving the maximum in your retirement accounts, or if you earn too much to contribute the maximum. In 2014, most employees can stash up to $17,500 in... Read >>

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