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Why Vanguard's Actively Managed Funds Are a Better Bet

In 1991, Dan Wiener, a magazine reporter covering mutual funds, decided to get into the newsletter business. As the name he chose for his letter made clear, the mission of the Independent Adviser... Read >>

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Are you overweight in these stocks?

With the exception of a slight market correction over the last couple of weeks, the stock market has performed incredibly over recent years. The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 hit new record... Read >>


Get the Kids Started in Stocks

I'd like to create a savings fund for my grandson and also encourage him to take an interest in investing. For my own children, I set up dividend reinvestment plans years ago, but I haven't heard... Read >>


How to Profit From Corporate Mergers

Every week, it seems, brings news of a corporate coupling (or at least an invitation). Buyouts are brisk in industries ranging from technology to health care, from finance to consumer goods. To... Read >>


12 Stocks to Get Dividends Every Month - Slide Show

12 Stocks to Get Dividends Every Month We found a dozen great stocks with a payment schedule that will line your pockets with cash each month throughout the year. January: Occidental Petroleum... Read >>


3 Best Airline Stocks to Buy Now

There's an old Wall Street joke about how to end up with $1 million worth of airline stocks Start with $10 million. But over the past two years, the joke has been on investors who have stayed away... Read >>


The Managers of a Top Bond Fund Turn Bearish

Since its inception in 1991, Loomis Sayles Bond ( LSBRX ) has been far friskier than the typical bond fund, often fishing for value in risky sectors that other fixed income funds wouldn't touch.... Read >>


Use Alternative Investments to Hedge Without Hedge Funds

Alternative investment strategies used to be synonymous with hedge funds and the endowments and wealthy investors that bought into them. But now a growing number of mutual funds are adopting hedge... Read >>


The Best Health Mutual Funds to Buy Now

A revolution is under way in health care, and it's not too late to cash in. Scientific advances are changing the way drugs are developed and creating a torrent of new treatments. By making... Read >>


Mutual Fund Rankings, 2014

The aging bull market, now nearly 5½ years old, is seemingly unstoppable. It has survived a flash crash, budgetary brouhahas, the threat of war in eastern Europe, hostilities in the Middle East,... Read >>

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