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10 Great Dividend Stocks to Own in Retirement

Age and circumstance matter when it comes to building an ideal portfolio. Whereas youngsters have both the time and the wages to make up for losses in the stock market, retirees need income and... Read >>


Should You Buy Into the Alibaba IPO?

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is one of the world's most famous folk tales. Appropriately, its namesake e commerce company has quite a story to tell to investors considering its initial public... Read >>


9 Top Free Sites for Income Investors

Jeff KosnettKiplinger's Investing for Income Web address Key data Discounts and premiums to net asset value Best for Sorting and screening 625 closed end funds The key to... Read >>


More Power to Utility Stocks

At a home down the street from mine in a leafy Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C., work crews just installed a set of solar panels. I don't know the homeowners, who arrived last winter and... Read >>

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What is an emergency fund, and why everyone should have one

I'm sure you've heard of it the Emergency Fund that personal finance gurus promote.  Regardless of whether or not you're a die hard Dave Ramsey fan, one thing remains true Everyone should... Read >>


A Top Fidelity Manager's Other Fund

The search for a good mutual fund typically begins with finding a great manager. Take John Roth. Faithful Kiplinger readers may recognize him as the manager of Fidelity New Millennium (symbol... Read >>

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Five ways to tell if a stock is about to take a dive

Last week I wrote about five characteristics of a winning stock , but as every seasoned investor knows, knowing when to sell a stock is just as important (some would argue more important), than... Read >>


Why You Should Avoid Most Bond Index Funds

There's a lot to like about index funds. Over the long term, stock index funds have beaten about two thirds of actively managed funds largely because index funds generally charge much less. But... Read >>


Health Insurance Claim Is Denied. What Now?

By Chris Kissell for Few things are scarier than racking up medical bills and then learning that your health insurance company won't pay. It's a nightmare that could... Read >>


When Inertia Pays Off

I don't have to tell you, especially if you're reading this poolside with a cool drink nearby, that summer is a great time for doing nothing. Turns out Americans humans, really are pretty good at... Read >>

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