Commentary Articles in Forex and Currencies

Martin Tillier

Why Recent Critical Press on Bitcoin Is A Good Thing

So, it’s apparently official: According to , Bitcoin is the worst performing currency of 2014. This and other articles seem to delight in the fact that the virtual currency has... Read >>

Martin Tillier

The Year Ahead In Bitcoin

Predictions, so they say, are hard; particularly those about the future. Additionally, in any tech-related endeavor, to look back over a year is to look at ancient history. It is, however, that... Read >>

Martin Tillier

History Suggests Caution On Russia Is Justified

Watching the recent problems in Russia, and particularly the spectacular collapse of the Ruble, has brought back many memories. Late in 1996 I was asked by the forex company that I worked for in... Read >>

More To Ruble's Collapse Than Meets The Eye

By Colin Chilcoat for The ruble is dying, and fast. In what is now being dubbed ‘Black Monday’ the ruble’s value to the dollar dropped nearly 15 percent. Tuesday brought no... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin Hacker Exploits Weakness, Then Returns BTC to Rightful Owners

As the holiday season gets into full swing, it is customary for those, like me, lucky enough to have a public forum for our opinions, to focus on the good. We should, convention says, find a... Read >>

Martin Tillier

The Biggest Dangers To Bitcoin Come From Proponents, Not Opponents

For those who would like to see Bitcoin succeed as a currency, not just an idea, the recent relative stability in the exchange rate of the digital currency against the U.S. Dollar is certainly a... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Why Bitcoin's Stability In Volatile Markets Makes It A 'Must Own' For Long-Term Investors

For a currency marked by volatility, Bitcoin has been remarkably stable against the U.S. Dollar over the last couple of months, essentially trading in a $320-$420 range. For those attracted to... Read >>

Russian Finance Minister Says Ruble Will Continue To Fall, But More Slowly

By Andy Tully for A Former Russian finance minister says that, although the wild fluctuations in the ruble may have ended, its value could continue to fall for as much as two... Read >>

Martin Tillier

3 Reasons For Bitcoin Users To Be Thankful

This week my adopted country will celebrate Thanksgiving. Any holiday that is primarily about eating and drinking too much while watching sports is okay by me, but that modern take on the... Read >>

Aniket Ullal

Understanding The Proposed Bitcoin ETF: 5 Key Questions

One of the interesting aspects of any early stage innovation is that it is incredibly difficult to distinguish a breakthrough idea from a dud. At one point Twitter ( TWTR ) was considered a mere... Read >>