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Martin Tillier

Accept That Bitcoin Is A Currency And Stop Blaming The Victims of Crime

I think of myself as a reasonable person; I am not a government hater, nor a conspiracy theorist. I understand that 9/11 was an act of terrorism, that President Obama is from Hawaii, that JFK was... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin's True Revolutionary Potential

It is easy for those of us who live in the U.S. to see Bitcoin, and altcoins in general, only through the prism of the U.S. Dollar. The Dollar is, after all, still the world’s reserve currency,... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Strong Dollar Has Many Advantages

This past week, Sentier Research told us that real median wages were 1.4% higher in December than in November 2014. This increase should be considered significant. A brief summary of the... Read >>

Martin Tillier

The Establishment's Embrace Of Bitcoin: Good Or Bad?

Yesterday, Coinbase, a startup backed by money from banks, venture capitalists and the New York Stock Exchange opened the first “fully regulated” U.S. Bitcoin exchange . The fact that this... Read >>

Steven Hansen

Are the Currency Wars Heating Up?

Social safety nets are government or non-government (NGO) social programs to assist those in society who cannot work (or cannot work to full capacity). Many worry that such programs are... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Recent Big Bitcoin Drop Looks Like A Squeeze; That Could Be A Huge Problem

Last week, as anticipated in these pages , Bitcoin fell to test an important level against the U.S. Dollar; the level from which the crazy run up to $1100 was launched. On a few of days of... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin's Bubble Means That Current Levels Shouldn't Be A Concern

Those who stand in implacable opposition to Bitcoin seem to want it both ways. “Look,” they say,” Bitcoin has dropped from over $1100 to under $250; it is obviously worthless!” Then, at the same... Read >>

Martin Tillier

How Low Can The Euro Go?

Over the last few days, as the Euro has hit new nine year lows, some comments I have heard in response to that have transported me back in time. My background, you see, is in foreign exchange... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin's Value Reaches Crucial Levels

When I wrote a couple of weeks ago that Bitcoin’s value  in U.S. dollars (BTC/USD) could fall into a new, lower range before stabilizing in the early part of this year, I kind of assumed it... Read >>

Russian Woes Continues As Ruble Plumbs New Depths

By Andy Tully for Russia’s Economic Development Ministry reports that the country’s economy shrank for the first time in five years in November, measuring 0.5 percent lower in... Read >>

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