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Martin Tillier

The Long-Term Drivers of Bitcoin

Last week, in an opening salvo into the Bitcoin trading world , I suggested that you may want to look at a long position in Bitcoin against the U.S. Dollar to take advantage of the weakness in... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Recent Bitcoin Weakness Creates An Opportunity

Bitcoin, it seems, has rediscovered its volatility. After a couple of months of consolidation spent hovering around the $600 level the crypto-currency has taken a dive in the last week or so,... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin: Getting Started In Trading

My intention in writing about Bitcoin in these pages each week is to make the subject as boring as possible. Not the articles, of course; I hope that they will be lively and entertaining, with... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin: Addressing The Controversy

Starting next Monday, I will be contributing a regular column on Bitcoin for The series will consist of a look at the week ahead each Monday and other articles on an occasional basis... Read >>


4 Ways To Minimize Foreign Currency Risk

By Constance Gustke for Investing in fast-growing countries may seem like a slam dunk. But there's another unforeseen risk that can roil returns: foreign currency risk. These... Read >>

Eagle Financial Publications

The Global Guru: Why You Should Give a Hoot About Global Currencies

The relevance of global currency movements is tough for most American investors to get their heads around. Looking to make the difficult and remote even more philosophically complex, currency... Read >>

Olson Global Markets

Is The U.S. Dollar Index Forming A Multi-Year Bullish Pattern?

Although this observation is clearly in the eye-of-the-beholder, it does appear that the U.S Dollar Index (DXY) might be in the midst of forming a broad, multi-year bullish reverse Head &... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Forex: Don't Lose Sight Of Fundamentals Or Your Long Term View

During the twenty years that I worked in forex dealing rooms around the world one question made me laugh more than any other. When people found out what I did for a living they would frequently... Read >>

Joe Young

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin

In the past few years, the world has been introduced to the concept of the digital currency. Though the idea had been attempted before, bitcoin is the first truly realistic digital currency.... Read >>


One Secret of Bitcoin Bulls

By David Smith Many people think bitcoin enthusiasts are unjustifiably excited about bitcoin’s potential. There are many reasons for this excitement; the most obvious being that bitcoin-like... Read >>

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