Commentary Articles in Forex and Currencies

Aniket Ullal

Understanding The Proposed Bitcoin ETF: 5 Key Questions

One of the interesting aspects of any early stage innovation is that it is incredibly difficult to distinguish a breakthrough idea from a dud. At one point Twitter ( TWTR ) was considered a mere... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin's Increasing Acceptance By Traders Brings Problems

Early adopters of Bitcoin and true believers in the virtual currency face a dilemma, and it is one that will be familiar to many of us of a certain age and with a love of rock music. In the days... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Three 'Rules' For Trading Bitcoin

Many people who trade Bitcoin, it seems, came to it almost by accident. They started out as miners intrigued by the computing know-how required, or as believers in the concept of a global... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Bitcoin Basics: The Economics Of Mining

To the outsider, mining Bitcoin sounds easy. All you do is buy a powerful computer, hook it up and watch while your stack of Bitcoin grows, right? Well not exactly. Computing power such as that... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Lessons From The Failure Of Bitcoin Trader

I guess it is a sign of maturity and acceptance that Bitcoin is now rumored to have its very own Ponzi scheme, but it isn’t a welcome one. According to this report on , the Bitcoin... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Are We Going To Bounce? Watch The Dollar

My foreign exchange background may make me a little biased, but I have long maintained that anybody involved in U.S. financial markets should keep a close eye on the Dollar. Currency rates have a... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Is Bitcoin's Bounce For Real?

Last week I suggested that  Bitcoin's recent decline in value against the U.S. Dollar was more about Dollar strength than anything. Subsequent events have reinforced that conclusion.... Read >>

Eagle Financial Publications

The Global Guru: Thoughts on the Dollar's Bull Market

The greenback is on the march higher. Last Friday, the U.S. Dollar Index (which tracks the greenback against a basket of major trading partners’ currencies, including the euro, Japanese yen,... Read >>

Martin Tillier

Does Bitcoin's Falling Price Signal The End?

The fact that Bitcoin’s value against the U.S. Dollar has tumbled dramatically over the past few months has the detractors of the crypto-currency in paroxysms of delight. “See,” they say “this... Read >>

Olson Global Markets

U.S. Dollar Index Soars With More To Go

A break above key neckline resistance at the 85 level on the U.S Dollar Index (DXY) last week formed a bullish reverse Head & Shoulders pattern that appears to have a long way to go before... Read >>

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