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Pharmaceutical ETFs Are Health Care Sector Standouts

The health care sector has been on fire in 2014, as investors continue to bet on the development of new drugs and increased need for medical services. On Tuesday, the pharmaceuticals industry... Read >>


A Resources ETF With An Upstream Emphasis

High demand in both developed and emerging markets is driving the globalization and utilization of natural resources. Some companies are poised to profit from the resulting rising cost of... Read >>

Market Intelligence Center

In the news: Tesla teaming with Panasonic, FAA to fine Southwest and more

Monday headlines include Tesla getting an investment from Panasonic for its gigafactory, the FAA proposes a $12 million fine against Southwest Airlines, Aetna and Reynolds American beat on... Read >>

Investor's Business Daily

Biotech ETF Price Swings May Signal Need For Caution

Biotech ETFs seesawed in recent weeks, sliding after grim Fed comments, perking up after blockbuster earnings from big cap leadersGilead ( GILD ) andBiogen ( BIIB ), and slumping again upon more... Read >>


U.S. Market Poised For Volatility, Chinese Market On A Tear

ETF Outlook for the Week of July 28, 2014 Last week finished in the red after heightened geopolitical concerns and a couple of high profile earnings misses combined to trigger some selling. ... Read >>


Facebook Stands Apart In Social Media ETF

Social media stocks have undergone a transformation from Wall Street darlings to highly scrutinized organizations.  An accumulation of users is no longer the driving force behind the cache... Read >>


Amazon Heavy On Markets And This ETF

ETF Outlook for Friday, July 25, 2014 The three major indices closed yesterday essentially flat, each within 0.1 percent of its Wednesday close. The ho hum day was a battle between bears who... Read >>

Investor's Business Daily

The Yale Endowment's Biggest ETF Investment

The ivory tower wizards running one of the U.S.'s largest university endowments have woefully lagged the stock market recently. Over the past three years, Yale's endowment returned 12.8%... Read >>


Earnings Beats Drive ETFs; LinkedIn Boosts Social Media ETF

ETF Outlook for Thursday, July 24, 2014 The S&P 500 was able to eke out a small gain on Wednesday, but it was enough to send the index to the best level ever. The... Read >>

Investor's Business Daily

When To Pick Mutual Funds Over ETFs (And Vice Versa)

Cheap? Check. Instant diversification? Check. Popular with novice investors? Check. All of the above is as true of index exchange traded funds as of index mutual funds. Given the overlap,... Read >>

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