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Are Homebuilder Stocks Ready for Take Off?

This week saw some mixed data come out concerning housing in America. First, on Monday, August 19 courtesy of Investor's Business Daily, the headline read "Single Family Starts Hit 8 Month... Read >>

REIT ETFs Rise as Treasury Yields Finally Tumble - ETF News And Commentary

It has been a brutal month in the REIT world as rising rates have crushed these high yielders. Prices for many in this space have slumped by more than 10% in the time frame, easily... Read >>

Time for Pharmaceutical ETFs? - ETF News And Commentary

The healthcare space, no doubt, is one of the leading sectors this year courtesy of the incredible performances by major drug companies in both pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. While... Read >>

India ETFs--Behind the Mayhem - ETF News And Commentary

This year has not been great for emerging markets in general but Indian markets have been among the worst sufferers. Indian stocks as well as the currency have been hit by a plethora of factors... Read >>

High Dividend ETFs to Buy Even If the Fed Tapers - ETF News And Commentary

As yields continue to rise on benchmark government debt, many investors are starting to panic about the income producing securities in their portfolios. These investments be they in the REIT,... Read >>


How Much Higher Can U.S. Treasury Yields Go?

The yield on 10 year U.S. Treasury bonds ( TNX) has already surged more than 53% year to date. How much higher can rates go up?  The chart below gives us a historical point of reference. It shows... Read >>

Deborah Fuhr

Why ETFs are Some of the Most Cost Efficient Investment Products in the US

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are some of the most cost efficient investment products in the United States, which is making them increasingly attractive to investors. The asset-weighted average... Read >>

Indonesia ETFs in Crash Territory on Currency Woes - ETF News And Commentary

As Treasury yields continue to rise in the U.S., concerns over emerging markets are building in tandem. These high beta markets are witnessing asset outflows thanks to weakened currencies and... Read >>

Charles Schwab Launches Six Fundamental Factor ETFs - ETF News And Commentary

Charles Schwab burst onto the ETF scene several years ago with a lineup of broad market ETFs . These funds saw a huge level of interest, pulling in billions largely thanks to the rock bottom... Read >>

3 Ultra Cheap ETFs for Value Investors - ETF News And Commentary

Value Stocks Shine over Long Periods Researchers have come up with different explanations for the "value premium", ever since Fama and French published their famous research paper in... Read >>