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3 ETFs to Play Platinum's Coming Shortfall - ETF News And Commentary

The precious metal space has been stressed for much of 2013 as investors shunned safe haven investments for high growth equities backed by the surging financial markets and Fed tapering concerns.... Read >>

Can Bank ETFs Bounce Back After Recent Downgrade? - ETF News And Commentary

Though the financial sector has been one of the star performers so far this year, its growth momentum slackened in Q3 with 9.9% earnings growth. This was in stark contrast to 30% earnings growth... Read >>


Don't Let Low Rates Beat Up Your Income Strategy

Never mind that interest rates have been on the rise. It hasn't helped income oriented investors much, because millions of retirees and dividend focused individuals still aren't generating... Read >>

3 Top Ranked Mid Cap Value ETFs in Focus - ETF News And Commentary

Thanks to an improving economy, decent earnings growth and easy monetary policy, the U.S. markets are flying higher with the Dow and the S&P 500 finally breaking the 16,000 and 1,800... Read >>

UK ETFs in Focus on Positive Outlook - ETF News And Commentary

Europe has finally broken free from a prolonged recession. And one of the region's weakest members, the UK, is now leading the way in a broader European recovery. The nation revisited the growth... Read >>

Yahoo Share Buyback Plan Put These ETFs in Focus - ETF News And Commentary

This year, dividend distribution and buybacks have been the high points in the corporate space. The trend is evident from Goldman Sachs' comment that the "S&P 500 companies are buying... Read >>

David Fabian

Buy ETFs to Beat The Tax Man

With less than six weeks until the end of the year, investors should start doing some tax planning on their taxable investment accounts to ease the burden of capital gains.  Many advisors... Read >>

Forget Europe's Currency Risks with These Hedged ETFs - ETF News And Commentary

Shares of European companies have moved back on track lately, as more optimism has been seen in this crucial market. Reduced debt worries and stronger growth in some key members are largely the... Read >>

How 'Pure' ETF Strategies Crushed the Market - ETF News And Commentary

T he US stock market has delivered a stellar performance this year as investors have been pouring money into equities, ignoring lackluster earnings and sluggish economic growth. The main force... Read >>

John Deere Earnings Put Agribusiness ETFs in Focus - ETF News And Commentary

Thanks to ever expanding world population and technological needs for mechanized agriculture, the agriculture and forestry machinery industry is gaining immense strength. This trend is clearly... Read >>